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  1. Well, it was a pallet, but it wasn’t deliberate. It must have been about 15 years ago I think, a wine investment MIS went broke and all of the stock was being auctioned off through Grays. There was so much stock it went over about two weeks. I had watched it for about a week and got a sense of what the prices were, or at least I thought I did. I put a whole bunch of auto bids in, well below the previous selling prices, before going to an all afternoon meeting on a Friday (it was a genuine meeting!). I was after the Covenant, and a Warrenmang Cab Sauv. I was hoping to pick up a couple of cases
  2. Apologies to @tripitaka for this one, but pulled it out of the back of the wine fridge on the off chance it was still ok. Has been on the same journey as the 389 a week or two ago that was average. This however was drinking beautifully! Last bottle of a pallet I "accidentally " bought quite a few years ago when auctioned on Grays after a wine investment vehicle went under.
  3. I really rate the Patricia, memories of a Wine Society Young Winemaker dinner that went a little off the rails....
  4. Cellar is taking a hit during lockdown, life is too short. This just makes me go mmmmm.....
  5. Alreqdy had Japanese take away with a nice Scarborough yellow label Chardonnay. Now this superb drop following up. Themed dessert courtesy of my 14 year old daughter. Settling in for the opening ceremony - not necessarily my thing, but family time.
  6. Well, a bit of an update. Just had a call from the police. Constable asked me if I wanted the good news or the bad news. I said both,. My car has been found (good news) - they found it because it was used to ram a police car (bad news). Air bags didn't go off but there is damage. I'll be able to pick it up in a couple of days.... So now I have to work out just how damaged it is, including mechanically. Any tips on how to get the engine and drive train checked, not just panel damage?
  7. We were supposed to be at a restaurant Scarborough wine lunch today, but lockdown stuffed that up. Can't even share a sneaky magnum of yellow label we have with friends, so instead we cracked a white label in honour. If you are ever in the Hunter and like Chardonnay it is a must visit.
  8. @El Tel Yep, I hope the little b*stards get caught. Police have set up a task force, apparently happening regularly - young kids, under 18, no fear, don't care if they get caught because they don't get a record and they don't go to prison/juvenile detention. Makes it hard to deter. Drop me a line re your RS4 - I very strongly prefer AWD, love Audis in general, and this could be an interesting alternative to an RS3
  9. Sadly, discovered this thread a bit late. I've had my RS3 sedan MY 18 for over 3 years, and just had it stolen. Thieves broke into our house, took the keys, and drove off in the middle of the night....... 😞 Police have said that if they find it in the first 48 hours the car can be ok, but anything longer than that usually means they have been trashed - we are past the 48 hour mark now....... I still have my fingers crossed, but now need to think about options. So, what next? No new RS3 until next year. I suspect insurance market value pay out will mean I'll have to supp
  10. @Garmstro I run USB from my Zenith to a Chord M-Scaler without needing to install any drivers. Works a treat. I would imagine your Isis would be similar
  11. Finally managed to update to 1.4.9. My Zenith was hung trying to update to 1.4.8. Hard reset, a couple of restarts, then it was finally installed. A couple of false starts going from 1.4.8 to 1.4.9, but got it working too. Probably just in tie to go to 2.0 in the next few months! Again another shout out to the tech support from Innuos - very, vert good.
  12. Lock down indulgence - perfect with a Sunday night chicken roast
  13. Hi Regan. I have a tweaked Bel Canto S300 power amp I'll be selling. 150 watts into 8 ohms, 300 watts into 4 ohms. I used it to replace my M1000 monos while I was having one of them repaired. I was going to keep the S300 as a spare, but its a waste to have such a great little amp sitting in a cupboard. The link to the original listing is below. PM me if interested
  14. Hi Mord, are you on Telstra or another ISP? Were you updating from 1.4.7 or 1.4.8? Thanks
  15. No luck for me when trying to update. Engaged with tech support from Innuos and they were fantastic. Identified the problem as an ISP communication problem between Telstra and their ISP in the UK. Unfortunately, problem not solved yet. Tried the update again, and it got past preparing the update to installing, but it has now been stuck on that for over 3 hours. Another tech session coming up I guess
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