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  1. I own Kef Ls50 non meta older versions and was surprised to find older NAD 3020 and the later BEE series like model 320 works well with them. They are only about $300 used and below what you might perceive as being suitable or high quality for the $1000 spend. Others to look out for though I have not tried are Musical Fidelity A3 and Roksan Kandy a d Caspian for around $700 and others. Yamaha AS 1100 and others may do also. A lower cost used preamp and power amp combo could be achieved with much better clarity also like Stereo Coffee preamp for around $500 kit or used and gutsy pow
  2. There is a NAD in the the Perth Gumtree and others with box for $300 and I have a 320 version as well.
  3. Here’s a list which you can look for used at your budget of $1k aim for things $2-3k rrp to get best bang for buck. When you see one for sale lookup reviews and try to have a listen. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/287992-sna-speakers-audition-short-list/
  4. Such modern insulation products are safe to use and should not be confused with asbestos insulation, which stopped use in the 1980-90s. However, to be cautious from skin irritation and sensitive individuals I would not use them in the path of windy areas like close to windows, fans and air conditioning vents. Also, look for alternative materials like polyester insulation. Ref: safety data sheets http://www.ais-group.com.au/images/files/ROCKWOOL_SDS_Amd-11-curr.pdf
  5. For $6.6k I’d be looking at much better speakers like VAF I-66, ATC 40, Dynaudio etc. here’s a list to consider
  6. The first one is about a 2007 model, heavier build and lots of features but doesnt seem to have in built Internet music capacity though one could use an external device. the second one seems like a few years current model, more lightly built but has internet music onboard features and probably better to get this for reliability being newer model.
  7. If you don’t mind used gear it’s possible to find $1-2k rrp avr for $500 as such gear doesn’t hold any value, which should maximise sound quality bang for buck
  8. Here is an amp list https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/325588-sna-amplifiers-and-preamps-audition-shortlist/
  9. Going from two way speakers to three driver ones is going to have potential benefits if well designed with midrange voice and detail. For similar used price there are quite a few to consider when they come up for sale such as Krix Monitor 250 (see current classified here), Dynaudio 82, Krix Esoterix Mk2, Kef 104/2, Celestion Ditton 66 etc.
  10. The p2200 should be way better sound than the avr but a lot less features.
  11. Great speakers for the money, very full range sound, coherent midrange, nice treble and sealed bass response.
  12. Your NAD amp is quite good in the genre of the classic 3020 models and should be able to drive better used $1000 speakers like Kef Ls50, Lenehans, Jamo Concert 8, Whatmough 202, Proac studio 1 or 100, Sonus Faber Minima etc, check reviews of them and keep an eye out here and in Gumtree.
  13. I tried the NAD 325BEE amp which came after the 3020 and said to be modern version with more watts, it was quite good but not quite as coherent and musical as the original.
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