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  1. Wow - you are certainly building up quite the Accuphase collection!👍
  2. Geez Chris, you're copping some direct drive switch grief. Hope it's settled down now!
  3. I had their smaller brother Aurora 2's for 10 years and they were an excellent speaker. I would imagine that the 3's would be even better. If they are in nice condition, $350 is a very good price.
  4. Great to see that you've updated your website @SonicArt. Would love to try one of these CEC transports one day. They look like very nice machines!
  5. Hi Spiro My 201's have the inverted Kevlar dome tweeters and 13mm bitumen lined panels so are the same as yours. I run them into a Marantz PM KI Pearl Lite integrated which outputs 70W into 8 ohms and 25 Amperes of current. I listen to mainly '60's to '80's rock and pop. They sound fantastic - detailed and accurate with plenty of warm, extended bass. Even though I have a very small listening room (3.2 x 3.5m) I do occasionally crank the volume up to 11 o'clock on the dial. This amp is never strained and sounds lovely. Good luck with your search and let us know what you get.
  6. I should mention that I get that extended bass you talk about from my DP80 too. It can sound a little woolly at times but I think that's something else going on. I have read that Denon direct drives are not bass shy.
  7. They are all very good turntables Chris - not surprised there's no definitive best. You definitely need a couple more shelves...!
  8. Haha and that is very tough competition coming from those two decks!
  9. I'm no expert, but that's a very decent read for sure!
  10. Very cool story Chris. What have you compared your DP3000 with? I have a DP80 which replaced a LP12. The build quality on these big Denon direct drives is awesome. They are solid, stable and retrieve great detail out of the disc. Don't think I'd go back to a belt-drive in a hurry!
  11. Never had a problem using decent boxes such as those you can scout from the loading docks at the back of shops like Harvey Norman and JB Hifi. Also bought boxes from Kennards storage and you can even get half your money back on them if they're still in decent shape after. Popped LP sized mailing boxes inside each side then bubble wrap within that. Records then go in. Cover with bubble wrap on top then seal top of box. I wouldn't do more than 40-50 LPs otherwise too heavy as candyflip mentions above.
  12. Very nice @dalamii! Do you have a link to this?
  13. Not a huge worry with those imperfections. It's a great entry into the LP12 world for the price!
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