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  1. White vinyl blend in so nicely that it looks like part of platter!
  2. Play any of Bob Dylan's lp while drinking it and sure will taste better!
  3. Here are some of old wines, 20+ years, are waiting for me to come home to open them up.
  4. I haven't watched Squid Game at all, but my sister in law sent me a link about honeycomb challenge from Squid Game is real, which I used to play this game with friends when I was in primary, after school in early 70s in Korea. Brings me back good old memories of my childhood. https://www.tomsguide.com/news/i-tried-squid-games-honeycomb-challenge-and-its-harder-than-it-looks
  5. This is a great sounding lp as I have same mofi copy. Plus, I found every track on this lp are great to listen to by finishing off End of the day. GLWTS
  6. A great CD, Jazz at the Pawnshop you have it sitting on top tt!
  7. https://www.goodfood.com.au/drinks/wine/find-a-wine-thats-as-good-as-a-holiday-20210929-h1yvvw
  8. https://www.news.com.au/technology/motoring/new-cars/2021-hyundai-i30-n-review-new-auto-broadens-hot-hatchs-appeal/news-story/f8386ae3b096f1b44270c6f2c8e85e3a
  9. In the past, I used following brands of tyres. I would rank them from best to worst from my personal normal driving experience. 1. Yokohama, Firenza Falken (this brand is hardly mentioned on this forum) 3. Bridgestone 4. Michellin 5. Toyo 6. Goodyear
  10. I never thought about using big conical flask as a decanter...great idea. I better grab few from a friend who runs a lab.
  11. I am just curious what is in the wine glass and decanter??? They are so dark that it appears to be soy sauce?
  12. Initially, I thought cable on cable riser... but began to see 'the dip' and 'conrod straight' after reading your post.
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