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  1. Walter Becker, John Forgerty, Jim Morrison, GeorgeBenson... too many to list.
  2. Roy Orbison? Would Barry Gibb (Bee Gees) count as an American?
  3. Are you sure, you were only there to read music magazines?
  4. Richard Marx wrote/write songs for many singers and make more money out of this than he writes and sing for himself if I am not wrong.
  5. Actually, when I can no longer hear the difference (improvement). Meaning to say my hearing degrade as ageing.
  6. I tick 'other' to vote for Leonard Cohen. It's a tough call.
  7. I also have number of Sheffield Lab discs including this one, sound amazing or stunning as @Frank Prowse Hi-Fi said.
  8. Due to COVID-19, I won't be able to fly back to Sydney for at least a year or 2, but hoping for earlier. Thus, have to wait as my systems are all in Sydney. You can read the review done by MF to give you an idea of the SQ. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/mono-masters -newly-polished-and-sparkling
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