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  1. Welcome, tell us about your hifi journey. What do you plan to learn about here?
  2. So with my current 5.2 setup, the upgrade to atmos in config 5.2.4 should be pretty significant? Maybe i should get it done faster haha.
  3. Hey BKO. That is a very nice setup indeed as @GooberedAus mentioned! I also have 300s as LCR with the 300T as surround rear speakers. and dual X12 subs. Next step is to go atmos but I'll need a suitable 4 channel amp and 4 height speakers. How are the triad speakers for atmos, do they do the job and are easy to install, which model are they? It's always being recommended to go with the same brand atmos speakers but MK ceiling speakers seem to be a substantial investment and I wasn't sure it would be worthwhile. Edd
  4. Doesn't look like there is a thread on this unit which seems to be a good one for playback of your own media collection off a NAS plus DSD and analog XLR output. I just bought it via EBAY from a1_futureshp which now appears to be the Australian distributor. Anyone one else grab one? (I think Marc got one a while back) There is an afterpay ebay special - 15% off the RRP so it's a great buy in my book for those looking for a great media player using the latest realtek RDT1619 chipset.
  5. Is LG Australia listing this projector for sale here?
  6. Should be a major difference. It has a very low noise floor so you should notice more details even before you engage roomperfect. Let me know what you think of it when you get it in!
  7. Hey Marc, Looks like Zidoo hardware is ahead of the Zappiti media player as it hasn't received an update as yet. Have you done any comparisons?
  8. I didn't buy mine locally but I'm sure you should be able to negotiate a decent discount based on the price difference between Australia RRP and US MSRP. They should be able to let you have a home demo if you paid for the unit in full. What are you upgrading from?
  9. Buy with confidence! Michael is great to deal with and this JVC is a great buy with one of the highest native contrast numbers higher than the current N series. Most would prefer the X9500 older e-shift over the newer X9900 e-shift algorithm.
  10. Further information: This was bought directly from Vidikron (owner of Runco) as new old stock in storage late last year shipped from the US to my door. It has done less than 20 hours and I've used it for less than 500 hours. There is no lamp counter but i'm sure it's been used sparingly. It's rated for 60000 hours and has been faultless with no issues at all. It is rated for 700 lumens but I can tell you it's plenty bright for my 120" 16:9 screen as it's using LEDs, equiv to 1000 lamp lumens. It has a razor sharp lens as it's a single chip DLP. It's been rated as one of, if not
  11. It's an LP Morgan Novares fixed frame screen that came with their own custom side masking solution (LP Morgan Galleria Eclipse). Works pretty well. I think it's a unity gain screen but I'll be swapping the material with a studiotek G4 material soon.
  12. Yup since i already have the electric horizontal masking working I think I'm already halfway there, just need to work out a way to automate it for scoped vs 16:9 content.
  13. Woofer you are dangerous! I have to start ignoring your posts soon haha. Beautiful cables to go with your new LPS
  14. Anyone here have any electronic masking solutions setup with their lumagen? I'm due to get a lumagen (deposit paid) and my CIH scoped screen has electronic masking with a remote & sensor. So far I've been told it should work with Control4 system or perhaps via a scripted program using a raspberry Pi4 using IR control. I'm more interested in the latter but happy to know of other possible solutions. Or maybe just have the screen setup as always 2.35:1 and get the lumagen to scale 16:9/Imax material to scoped. Anyone doing this, if so how does it look? Note: I ha
  15. Yes I did consider looking at the Oppo 205 but unfortunately they don't sell them new anymore unless you see them for close to 10k on ebay! That switcher looks great, looks like a passive one too? Which Purifi amplifier are you using? I'm thinking about waiting for the new MXA-8400 but know there are a few companies making them in mono and stereo editions, Nord, March Audio, Apollon Audio and Audiophonics.
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