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  1. Great tale. I have been considering one of these motors, but also preparing myself for the complete service that will be required!
  2. I do think if you like the AT150MLX then you probably would like the much cheaper AT VM540ML / 740ML. I have both. The 150MLX is certainly a special cartridge with that boron cantilever, capable of magic sounds with the right recording. However in my system at least it is brighter than the 540ML , and in many respects the newer cartridge is a much better all rounder, keeping most of the same sound signature without sacrificing any detail . As a result, in my system, the 540ML is my reliable but fantastic sounding daily driver, the 150MLX is my single malt whisky for a rainy
  3. Not sure if you are still looking for an answer @TheWretchedWorld. Are you aware that I believe Jico makes both boron and a sapphire cantilevered SAS profiled replacements for this cartridge? The SAS / microline stylus would be quite a step up from the original - though a pricey solution!
  4. Really fantastic read, and great to see an excellent set up for a small space and lower volumes.
  5. Yes, assuming it isnt worn I guess, it is always a gamble on fleabay. One thing to pay attention to with the DL103M is that it is very low output - 0.12mv.
  6. Well, the most important thing is that this turntable is doing the job for you at the moment! Ok, lets assume that there is limited scope to adjust the tonearm on this turntable to fit different cartridges; or at least, you are still learning so would prefer not to fiddle around at this point. One option is to simply replace the stylus on the Sony cartridge. You can buy a non original replacement stylus for this cartridge - here is one available in Australia, but there are many available online internationally if you look (PM me if you want links to some sales).
  7. No problems. On all the 103 variants, a useful resource for you: http://www.analogue-classics.com/html/denon_dl_103.html
  8. @crtexcnndrm99, the DL S1 would certainly be an amazing cartridge. However the absolute TOTL Denon MC is the DL1000A - this purportedly had one of the lowest effective tip masses of any cartridge made (though still behind the Technics EPC-P100CMK4) Actually @Pops110, I think your DL304 is pretty high up in the Denon hierarchy. The other TOTL model to look out for would be the DL305 - this sported a boron pipe cantilever and also had a very low effective tip mass. I am interested in the variants of the DL103 - such as the DL103S with an elliptical stylus, and the DL10
  9. Interesting turntable... Something like an Audio Technica AT VM95e is a reliable replacement, and should sound better than that old Sony cartridge. But I am not sure whether your tonearm allows for adjustment for different cartridges, so this is something to investigate - I think there is manual for your turntable here.
  10. I am fairly sure this cartridge is an Astatic MF300, a so called "Moving flux" design, which along with Glanz cartridges, was manufactured by Mitachi. Some of the higher end models are sought after, but original new stylii are probably non existent. Still, keep the cartridge aside in case a stylus shows up. In the meantime, aside from the advice above on set up, I would consider something like an Audio Technica AT VM95e to get you going.
  11. Further information: This is a Star SA30 valve integrated amplifier - Japanese manufacture from the 1960s. 3 x 12ax7s (2xMatsushita , 1 x Toshiba) , 4 x 6GW8 (Matsushita) and a 5AR4 rectifier (unknown). A full featured integrated - RIAA phono stage, tape out and headphone output - 12w per channel. Includes rare instruction manual. This was working fine until about a year ago - there is now some buzz and crackle and one channel doesn't seem to work, though comes in and out in the headphones. Suspect that the combined volume control / power on is playing up - but wil
  12. Thanks for sharing this treasure trove!!
  13. This concert, like some of other unplugged classics, is begging to be released on bluray...
  14. Looking forward to hearing your review. The 540ML is certainly one of the best cartridges I have used for the price - a great all rounder.
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