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  1. Goodness, I have the miniature version of these. I'm tempted with these full size ones.......
  2. How about having a group of significant manufacturers each make a complete system for$20k only and compare that. No limit on technology or design, just the ultimate sounding they believe they could put together. That would be more like F1 racing - bigger budget teams limited in their spend and lower budget teams able to compete. Putting aside for the moment whether or not someone can afford it and lets assume for argument sake we have no limit on affordability. If you have to decide whether a system is good because of how much it costs in components or price then it is your wallet that is choosing the system and not the real purpose of why you are intending to buy it for in the first place. Pick a system by how it sounds to you. If you can't afford it then remember what it was that was so captivating and search for a system within your budget that has the same effect. You'll find it when you are clear on the objective.
  3. In my opinion there are no diminishing returns - more likely potential over capitalisation and a % of reference against something we use as a measuring stick. I don't think any of us would realistically know what 100% would look like regardless of what we bought or how much we had to spend. Its like what Evilc said, we get to what we think is the top to find another mountain range to explore. Sometimes we encounter an unforeseen rope bridge along the way that takes us to a new height, sometimes we think we have to buy a helicopter. Interestingly, the rope bridge for me has provided pleasant results this year and has questioned whether we have really progressed at all.
  4. Still Available. And, I would be prepared to bring these over to your house for an audition on your system. I'm in the CBD of Melbourne - happy to travel metro, peninsular and regional depending on distance - but please, serious buyers only. E.
  5. Thanks Everyone for their PM enquiries. For the record in case people are considering - both amps are still available. Cheers.
  6. Thanks Conrad, Much appreciated as many people are yet to be familiar with this amp and its good to provide information. I want the person to be happy with the amp and not be disappointed because it for some reason isn't providing the experience they anticipated. This amp is different, when you first turn it on you have to wait 5 to 10 mins for the Satri circuit to bias. You cant even play music as the sound is just distorted during this time. I have found the amp comes to life (opens up) after a few hours of being on so what i do is turn it on hours before i would be playing anything. Any horn speaker owners will love this amp - very quiet (and that means allot to someone who has a 110db efficient horn like i do) and Akira was known to be involved with horn speakers so as is the Japanese way - these amps are derived from the niche low power amp high efficient speaker culture in Japan. Lastly, have a look at how much the 50w & 100w versions cost - these are not cheaper low level versions they have the same circuitry and are only cheaper because they are 15w.pc. I heard the more expensive powerful versions at War Audio and they are all the same. in my opinion. I'm hesitant to sell them but have decided to hence the expression of interest. All welcome to discuss in this thread any views, opinions and appropriate speaker matching as i would like a prospective buyer to be well informed and well matched with their gear. I want this to be successful for the new owner. Its all about our enjoyment of music.
  7. On the Dynaudio, absolutely! Two people are considering so i'll be in touch as this progresses.
  8. I don't believe so as i think the UL option is relatively new - these would pre date. Absolutely, i have been unsung them this way myself in an active horn system - you will note in the photos i still have the volume control position turned up. They are stand alone amplifier, headphone amp and can be used as a power amp with a pre amp.
  9. Further information: These amps provide an incredibly engaging sound with a really deep and precise soundscape with the most natural presentation with a very ,very quiet background. SATRI is an original Japanese designed circuit by Akira Nagai - installed is the V5.2, V Front panels are very nice glossy black/metallic paint, it is a compact little amplifier with an output of 15w/8 ohm per channel. i Normal Retail is around $3,500 (WW) & $2,500 (MF). Would be prepared to split if there are two people interested. - Output - (8Ω) / Headphone output Speaker output 15w + 15w (standard plug) x1 - Input - (RCA Jack) 2 system voltage output - Gain Control - Volume / metal film attenuator (optional) / non-inductive winding resistance (optional) - Size - 78mm (H) x 235mm (W) x 295mm (D) - Weight - 2.9kg Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that upon successful sale of your item it is expected you pay Seller's Fees. - if you have previously sold items and not made a contribution, your advertisement may not be approved.
  10. Interesting topic this one and some really good responses. I think this topic is more about the equipment than the room as that is a bigger factor but not quite what this is about. If i look at the origin of this; How can there be such a thing as instrument separation, especially, when the music is already down mixed? It comes down to how well all the components dig out and reveal the separation - this i really going to depend on circuit design and quality of components. Where i am at right now is the performance of 50 year old english amplifiers and their very nicely made output transformers. A lost art i have to say as the engineers are no longer with us to pass on the craft. I too have a Devaliet (not the Original) and the Devaliet is amazing. The english amps i'm using right now - a different league. It would be wrong to say one is better than the other as that is not how they compare but they are different that one engages different to the other. I actually have them both working together in an active horn set up. If transparency is what we aim for how can things sound so different. Because like people, components are different. No surprise given that people make them. I'm questioning everything and wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and where did you end up? Every day - I've had two OMG moments in the last 10 years with my system. plugging in a pre amp using 1927 radio valves and recently these English amps for the same reason. They just jumped out as incredible - no blind testing, not hard listening and they weren't even plugged in for that reason. Everything else has been evolution of being exposed to many systems and learning. When your system is revealing enough and you are exposed enough in identifying differences you will then hear how cables and components sound/behave differently.
  11. Geez, what have i stumbled into...... We seem to have lost why we have these things in the first place. The cost doesn't guarantee anything, its what you modify along the way, quality and science of what you are working with. You could alter or change a component for less money and get a more dramatic effect than spending 4x more. And, there is a bit of lost art in this audio industry i've noted not all things are better, gear and recordings going back 5 decades can still embarrass a lot of new siblings. I believe the issues/emotion i read in this thread regarding digital v vinyl are simply symptoms of this. I've been fortunate to experience some amazing rare Lp's, some very good CD and hard drive as well as reel to reel. Its ridiculous how different the same album can be between LP pressings, CD's from the 80's and now as well as master & non master tape copies. Everything is affected and the version that is being streamed may be the same copy that was previously used to make the crappy vinyl version. I haven't heard an Antepodes set up and would love to take it for a drive on my system. My thoughts on it is; this is the now - there are some very clever individuals out there and my system will certainly show me the result of their passion so I'm intrigued. Will it engage me in a way that i would be less interested in continuing to use other formats - i will only know when i "press play". As a non owner at this stage what i think people would like to learn out of this topic noting this is an Antepodes owners discussion - what are your experiences? and apart from any customising or buying more expensive bits what would i experience in comparison to other formats? Does it also apply to us tape heads - c'mon everyone knows Reel to Reel is best as its what the music went on before Vinyl or Digital ☺️ Seriously, just enjoy the music and how you listen to it - my approach is if you can, set up all formats on your system and just enjoy the differences - the version of the album that engages you is the one you play and you will find you will be mixing across formats. For those that don't like clicks, pops or having to get out a char to physically move a pointy thing across spinning plastic - there is nothing wrong with that. It is what you enjoy, your system, your room your music and your enjoyment. It is not for anyone else to tell you what is good or bad. You own it, its your choice. For the record and those interested - what i enjoy, and is my choice: i enjoy the experience/surprise of a good LP, or tape or CD or this streaming experience. I enjoy having a good LP l like and finding a master tape or CD or Download version that even engages me more, I enjoy being able to stream, explore and enjoy music i don't know, I enjoy the choice of just not having to bother with or flip a record and using a touch screen if i cant be bothered getting out of a chair. I enjoy dynamic energetic effortless systems that bring the music to life in the room, i like having a system that is bigger than what you normally go for in a room. I enjoy the fact that we have new technology to enjoy and be excited about such as streaming and being able to compare that to something that was made 50 years ago and feel what engages me more. I enjoy being able to share this experience with like minded individuals like all of you reading this right now as well as enjoying the experience of your systems and music too. Most of all, i enjoy listening to music. Cheers. E.
  12. G'day Joel, Welcome. Another vintage RtR and vintage gear user here - you're in good company.
  13. I have both. I would like to pick up the old components if that's ok - will pm you. Being able to compare both, I'm going to put volume pots on my second one and move the RCA's to the back - this change is worth doing and very practical for my horn setup. They both sound the same. which is great. Yes the preamp is just a novelty - i have two as well. E.
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