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  1. Amazing version of a great song. If you don't get moved by this somethings wrong.
  2. Pendragon - Love over Fear This album is growing on me after a few spins. Not their best but an enjoyable listen. The lead break on the track “Water” is superb.
  3. I think Lazy is more blues based than prog. Space Truckin - proggy yes
  4. @progladyte I have 25 of the listed titles. I do have other titles by the listed artists. Your list reminded me to revisit Unitopia - The Garden. (a great aussie prog band)
  5. Yes, I came across him only a week ago. Have only watched his Suppers Ready and Firth of Fifth episodes as I’m currently revisiting early Genesis.
  6. If it’s “Beyond the Lighted Stage” then it’s an excellent documentary/one of the better band documentaries released IMHO
  7. Unfortunately I’m not a streaming type guy, yet! Still like the tangible stuff. But l know it will be inevitable, I’m just slow on the take up of newer tech.
  8. I recall reading a review on Janos many years ago which got my interest. Maybe it was yours Greg? Anyway l liked what l heard but found that his music was somewhat difficult to find or it was expensive at the time. Will revisit for sure.
  9. Here's an album (Vanity Project by inFictions) which I came across a few years ago and revisited today. If you like post progressive sounds (ala Radiohead) you may like this. The songs and songwriting are quite good.
  10. Giving this a spin today. A favourite of mine in the jazz rock fusion (progressive I guess) genre.
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