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  1. That's a classic. I always love to see it resurface
  2. OK . as you have mentioned Vinnies I will add some more comments of my own. I actually volunteer in a Vinnies Op shop 3 half days a week for the last 4 years. I have been collecting different things for more than 40 years so I have a fair knowledge of what is worth something and what is not. The rule in Vinnie's stores is that staff cannot buy things from the sorting area. Volunteers can only buy items after they have been priced by someone else and after they have been displayed on the shop floor. You can only buy items before and after your shift. Bargains can be had in Op Sho
  3. If flippers bother you , you would never even look at buying a limited edition Nike sneaker. You see people with literally rooms full of them , flipping them the day after release. In some cases even before they actually have them in hand. Flippers are a curse.
  4. One of my hobbies is visiting Op Shops. More than 200 so far and counting So if you like CDs , this is the golden age. You can buy them for $1 in most op shops. Not so with LP records. The price has risen dramatically in Op shops in the last few years. The good ones get snapped up instantly mainly by dealers who visit most days. All that is left after they have been picked through is Jim Nabors , Harry Secombe , Mrs Mills , Nana Mouskouri , James Last and so on. That's great if you are a fan of these artists but cold comfort for everyone else.
  5. Nice looking Amp. Could do with some more Silver Knobs and Buttons 😉 GLWTS.
  6. Because the vast majority of people on Planet Earth are not interested in Hi Fi. Therefore you only have a very small pool of people that are potential customers.
  7. I heard a pair of these a few years back. Whoever buys them will be very pleased.
  8. A serious question. Did they have 3D printers 20 years ago ?
  9. TPG is cheap but the coverage in Regional areas is no good.
  10. If the political parties had any guts they would announce a staged phasing out of the One Armed Bandits / Poker Machines / Gaming Machines / Wealth Redirection Devices. All they do is cause untold misery and separate gullible people from their money. No other country in the world allows these disgusting machines to infiltrate suburbia like this country has. Its about time the Gambling Lobby / Industry got run out of town.
  11. Vintage Ladies watches are much harder to sell than Men's. With all due respect I would have a crack at taking some better photos. Anyway , GLWTS
  12. My 63 year old ears actually prefer those little shiny round things now.The big old black round things mainly sit in their covers but I could never bear to part with them. My partner and I like to press buttons and see trays slide in and out and put things onto them. In my vintage Pioneer shiny little disc player you actually put the disc in upside down and that stumps most people. And I still have a Cassette Player. Anyway I digress , go ahead and enjoy your records and I might even dust off a few of mine. I have an LP of DSOTM in Quadraphonic and no Quadraphonic Player, Yikes
  13. I actually expected this response so here is my response. In a Good Old Fashioned Bricks and Mortar store I can look at the record, check its condition and see if it is warped , scratched etc. If it is I can request to see another one or just walk away. A lot less hassle than going through the rigmarole of charge-backs , refunds , returns. Most of my record buying days were in the 1970s and 1980s and this what I did and expected. Obviously we live in a different day and age where Online purchasing is the norm. I do a lot of online purchasing but I don't for records. Anyway that is just my
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