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  1. Just a handful, which he co-wrote. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Songs_written_by_Frank_Sinatra
  2. So many good suggestions made on this thread, but I think it is a pointless exercise to try and pick just one person and label them as the greatest American singer songwriter. All the suggestions here have merit, but in all honesty I can't seriously pick just one person and say they are the best. The real value of this thread is that it may help to make people more aware of other American singer songwriters they previously may not have known about or listened much to (one should also look beyond America, but that would be outside the scope of this thread). And since I m
  3. Hmm, I guess so. I have to say though that I haven't noticed any deterioration in the discs that I own, maybe just good fortune.
  4. One of them. It all depends on your definition of 'greatest'.
  5. I voted other. I think Loudon Wainwright III should be added to the list.
  6. I don't believe those pinpricks of light are likely to be evidence of 'laser rot', more likely manufacturing defects. Some of the CDs I bought back in the 80s have those pinpricks. It was something I noticed when they were new, when I held the disc up to the light. They played ok then, and still do, presumably error correction / interpolation during playback takes care of it.
  7. Storage can become a bit of a problem if you have a large number of CDs, but I also thing the same is true for LPs if you have a large collection. For my CDs I have a couple of fairly inexpensive pine bookcases that I bought some years ago. I added extra shelves to the first one I bought, and had the second one made to my measurements, then stained and varnished them both. I just have my CDs organised by genre (my categories are fairly loose, but works for me), then by artist in alphabetical order and titles ordered chronologically. Only problem I have now is that I have filled tho
  8. I guess I will buy digital downloads when there is no other choice (have already bought a few). Just as long as there are better format options than mp3.
  9. Same here. Like everyone, I understand the frustration of being stuck behind slow moving vehicles, but that is absolutely no excuse for dangerous driving.
  10. You were not forcing them to drive badly, they made that choice themselves.
  11. Pulled out my two Rare Bird CDs last night and gave them another spin. For some reason these albums don't really grab me as much as they probably should. While I do appreciate their organ/keyboard driven sound, and these albums certainly have their high points, something doesn't quite gel with me as a whole. Not quite sure why that is. Rare Bird (1969) Sympathy - this was released as a single and was quite successful, probably a high point of this album. As Your Mind Flies By (1970) - Flight - the centrepiece
  12. Played last night. Hiromi, The Trio Project - Voice Terrific album, and a great sounding recording on the Telarc label. This is the only Hiromi album I currently have (must do something about that). Followed by a couple of early Jacques Loussier Trio albums. These are CD reissues that I picked up in a sale a few years ago. The notes don't give any information about when or how the digital reissues were done, but the sound quality is quite good, all things considered. Play Bach No. 1 (1959) - I believe this was their first album.
  13. Generally I find myself being happy with what I have for quite long periods of time (lasting years) before I decide that something needs an upgrade. I am currently in that more or less content state, getting a lot of enjoyment from listening to the music I like with the gear I have. Some time down the track there will no doubt be an upgrade of some sort, but I am not seeking that at the moment.
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