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  1. Lovely gentleman to deal with, these are immaculate and look better in the flesh. Grab yourself a bargain at this price. GLWTS.
  2. Great choice in music. Allan Taylor Colour to the Moon is awesome and so is Foreigner of course.
  3. Great price for an equally great cartridge. Glwts
  4. These are awesome, get even better when capacitors and resistors are replaced with higher grade ones.
  5. I have a pair also with same drivers but cabinets slightly different as they were even earlier. All I can say is they perform well above this price, at least five fold if not more. The mid bass is double voice coil allowing a 2.5 way crossover allowing the bass to be reinforced. Will play in room from upper 30hz to 18khz. Best position straight into the room with no toe in.
  6. Osborn Titan is a very awesome speaker. Especially the Reference, the audiom tlr tweeter is an over engineer marvel.
  7. The midrange driver used in this model is one of the finest ever made. It's what makes this such a great design, I remember Greg Osborn gloating over them and being so dissapointed when they became unavailable. Great speakers and great buying here.
  8. I have two of these at home and never knew what brand they were. Glad i came across this cheers.
  9. These particular drivers have never been used by Wilson Audio or in Utopia by Focal. But they are fine drivers none the less.
  10. Oh Richard, if i wasn't putting my cash elswhere i would be all over this to match the wonderful 845s that i got from you and enjoy so much.
  11. I have a pair of these amazing amps running my modded Usher Audio mini dancer 2 dmd speakers. Worth every cent.
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