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  1. Another thumbs up for the seller if its needed, his gear is in a dedicated room and always presents well. Great price.
  2. Hello, lovely set up. I am not normally a lover of this type of response as I haven't heard your system and don't have any reason to change anything, and I bet it makes no difference... but please would you mind seeing if at some point you could relocate that speaker cable so it is away from the mains cable, it would make me feel much happier. 😀
  3. Bonnie Prince Billie is the best, and largely overlooked I think in the Hi Fi world. First time I have seen someone else who likes him.
  4. Had a great evening of fun listening the other night at a friends house. So I thought i would post some pictures for your enjoyment. We went through 4 amps on the night, they all offered something a little different, and were all very enjoyable. Years ago I heard Tannoy Glenairs with Cary Audio 300b mono blocks and I always loved that combination, there is definitely synergy between those two brands. All the listening was done with Itunes streaming into the Dac and no seperate pre amp. Itunes sounded great, I might even start using it myself. This set up is really fantastic, apparently the Tannoys miss out on the very top end on paper, but honestly who really cares. The quality here is as good as I have heard anywhere, the musicality and listen pleasure is so good I quickly forgot about evaluating what I was listening to and just relaxed and enjoyed anything we played. These are speakers I could easily live with, the only problem would be climbing over to get to the couch because they would fill the width of my space right now.
  5. Nice you got a balcony. Where are the TADS then, I thought you had sold them when you had them packed.
  6. Woo steady on there. How are you getting into our fortress? You should come and say hi once you have quarantined for gods knows how long and had numerous covid tests.
  7. The Dartzeel copy amp is as good as anything else I have owned or heard. I guess like any top quality amp they have their strong points based on the intention and focus of the designer. I really enjoy the detail retrieval which is excellent. I heard it in @Steve M very resolving system, it was a bit of an eye opener. He played Jacintha goes to hollywood, Que Sera Sera, the open and closing of the valve sound on what I think is the flute and the creaking of (don't laugh) what I think is a leather jacket, i am sure it's not, was the first time i have heard such clear and subtle sounds. I have heard it sound a little harsh but nothing the right cable won't fix. And i would say if anything the soundstage and imaging is more centre and tightly focussed than wide and spread out. I'm not saying it doesn't sound right just pointing out that it has that flavour in my room with my speakers and set up. Steve may want to add some comments as he has it at the moment, i've got his also very nice Jungson. Also @THOMO recently got a similar amp, not the same as mine, he shared some early impressions but I haven't heard from him lately so he may what to add to the conversation.
  8. In my previous post I mentioned how impressive the Anthony Gallo TR2 sub was, that got me reading a review. In one of them the reviewer raved about the original Nucleus speakers, (maybe called the Deva's?) saying they were so close to his reference speaker as to make no difference and that he was going to keep the review pair. So I had a set of Nucleus speakers in the cupboard (I had been trying to sell them with the sub) so I thought I would get them out and see how good they are in stereo. I have heard and been impressed with both the Strada and the Ref 3.5's in the past. I really wasn't expecting too much, you know compromised size, single driver etc, even with the sub. But they are sounding great, nice soundstage, very good detail retrieval, great instrument separation and the imaging is great. They just don't sound like a very small speaker. I haven't really cranked the volume yet, I rarely get the chance so I can't comment there. When I enjoy a speaker, trying to find fault them can be a challenge, these just sound right, if I was going to guess at any weakness perhaps it might be a lack of decay, notes could hang in the air a tad longer, maybe I could achieve that by asking the sub to do a little more. Either was a very enjoyable and nice surprise.
  9. I was actually thinking about your speakers and there already great bass. I wonder if they would make a difference. And funny enough I been thinking of any carpenters I knew to ask a couple of roofing questions. I forgot you are a carpenter. I'll shoot you through a message tomorrow, see if you can help. Cheers
  10. Well Russell's Hi Fi corner has gone, we have moved to a new house. Squeezing a 5 x 2 into a 3 x 1 has been a challenge and we are still trying to find spots for everything. Somehow though I have managed to find a hole for my Hi Fi. And it is sounding very good indeed. I had the big speakers running for a while but lately have been listening to Nu Force speakers, these are stunning sounding speakers. Not better than the big ones just different. I have also added this Anthony Gallo TR2 subwoofer which underpins the bass nicely. I have a bigger Sub, this one is very musical and tight though and I like it. I have the full set of home theatre eggs, which I need to sell, I just don't want to let the sub go. These Subs fly under the radar a bit, you can often pick them up at a good price and they really perform, if you see one and don't hesitate to give it a go. Oh before you start, that the listening chair is in the wrong place, that's not the listening chair. 😀 Just listening to In MY Eyes by Lydia Gray as I post this. A great album to check out.
  11. Stunning - Truely a great looking, and i am sure sounding Ultimate System. I look forward to having a listen one day. Great job. Congrats i bet it gives many supreme hours of pleasure.
  12. That's awesome, I think you will be very surprised at the quality even compared to the Bakoon. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it when you get it. There are a few different levels of build so it will be good to see which one you have and then I can come down and we can compare them. As for the copy aspect there are so many different factors here, I don't see any reason to feel guilty. I know people will have there own views but if manufacturers continue to charge ridiculously unjustifiable prices they are going to create a market that is more in line with the price of parts used and time to manufacture. Now regarding the part about "I made you do it" I need to work out how I did that because there are a few other things I would like to make you do... Teach me how to do wood veneering. Lend me your SBA drivers. Bring up your Tannoys for a few weeks. So I am now working on making you do those things, lets see how I go! 😀😃😀
  13. Well I may be jumping the gun a bit, but i saw a lovely pair of Cyrus mono's come up for sale a few days back. I thought they were well priced. They sold very quickly. Now i see your mono's come up for sale, i can tell they are yours because not only is the name the same but i recognise the scaffolding in the background. Watching your thread you not really a man to change brands on a whim. So off goes my inner Columbo and i start to wonder? So i will keep an eye on this thread to see what comes.😀
  14. 2nd day of 14 days of quarantine, i am all up for safety to help the economy but seriously it's safer where we were than Perth. At least we get to do it from home even though we aren't allowed out the front. Well may as well give the turntable a work out i suppose.
  15. They are Nuforce S9 speakers. They only made a few pairs because they said the cost of production was too high. I never really understood why they didn't start selling them for more, they retailed at around $5.5k USD. I guess they thought there wasn't a market for them.
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