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  1. Welcome aboard. Nice score on the vintage Rotel kit!
  2. Further information: Carver m200t for sale. Bob Carver's little "Magnetic Field" Power Amplifier. Have had this for a few years, but it's time to move it on. I believe I bought it from an well-known SNA member, via eBay about 15 years ago. It's been repaired by Bill Crampton of Naquadria fame, and not skipped a beat since. He remarked that he was impressed that it was making 170W into a single channel. As you can see below, it's rated at 120W x 2 into an 8 Ohm load. It's got that classic 80s gun-metal grey and rack-mount aesthetic, like Manley's gear. This examp
  3. Cheers Al. I'm thinking the Denon AVR-X1600H is about where I need to be.
  4. Apparently not. I'm testing that config right now and it doesn't want to fly. The AVR-1910 doesn't have ARC and the TV doesn't seem to want to output audio over HDMI without the ARC part of the handshake.
  5. Hi all, I don't often wander into this part of the forum, but it's upgrade time. My Denon AVR-1910 has been serving us faithfully for a decade, but I would like something that will do 4K nicely. Source is an AppleTV 4K. TV is a Samsung UA60JU7000. Happy with the Denon sound and the idea that I wouldn't have to reprogram the Harmony remote, but I'm happy to look at other brands. Can anyone share a recommendation for an AVR that works with Samsung and Apple gear well and is <$1500 ?
  6. I'll sweeten the pot. Now that the Shrimp is sold, these will need a pre-amp. I'll include your choice of a Bellari VP129 valve phono stage (with output level pot and headphone jack), a Channel Islands Audio VPC-3 passive pre (with a nice Alps Blue Velvet pot), or a Musical Fidelity X-Pre (the cylindrical version).
  7. Hi Rob, I've got some Tablette 2000s (in Perth) that are about to appear in the Classifieds. They are rear-ported, unlike the Studio 110, but if you're curious, please hit me up.
  8. Further information: ProAc Tablette 2000 for sale. Deep rich 90s Cherry cabinets. Lovely solid standmounters that allegedly go as low as 35Hz. Rear ported, so they need a decent set of stands and to be positioned correctly in the room. (I have some Atacama Nexus 7i stands in silver, with Atabites and spikes, that I could be convinced to part with) My wife and I enjoy the sound of the Rogers LS6es that we've got, so there's no point hanging on to a bonzer set of speakers that I never hook up. I think that these have been through at least three sets of
  9. Further information: If I'm going to sell the power amps, I might as well sell the pre-amp. RRP: https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/manley-jumbo-shrimp-preamplifier.html Edit: it seems I've done myself a disservice by linking to the original Shrimp. Mine says "Shrimp" on the front panel, but it is the later "Jumbo Shrimp" spec, which is not just the RF remote control, also but includes the interstage follower board. So, the valve complement is a pair of GE JAN 12AT7, a pair of GE5670 and a pair of Sylvania 7044s. I have spares of all of those (or equivalents) that
  10. Further information: Are you a sucker for great industrial design? Do you own your own coal-fired power station? (Just kidding, I think they only pull about 170W each.) Are your kids old enough to not play with high-voltage shiny things? My beloved Manley Mahis are for sale. (https://www.manley.com/hifi/mahi) These are serial numbers 445 and 446. RRP, for reference: https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/manley-mahi-monoblock-amplifiers.html Purchased new in 2012 from Trevor Lees, I've never really had an appropriate loungeroom to have
  11. Deposit taken. Thanks for the interest. Will mark as sold when collected.
  12. Further information: Hi all, I have a DEQX for sale. I had grand designs of multiple amplifiers and split crossovers in the Tannoys that I sold earlier in the year, but physics was against me. The room that I have for stereo gear is too small for that sort of configuration. As such, this unit has sat around doing nothing for years. Item is in Perth. I'd prefer pickup, but am happy to pack and send elsewhere. Photos: . It still has the plastic on the front panel, but appears to have acquired a couple of nicks in storage, m
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