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  1. Count me in on that on that too. . @Stump @Tony M where are you two when need? You got to back me up on this! 😁
  2. Yep heard these in Adelaide way back when. Hope they go to a good home.
  3. Fingers crossed, I’ll be allowed over the border from SA. would be great to catch up with members from bleak city. 😊
  4. Cant wait ant for the home demo Stump. ? Pity I missed it.
  5. Great Sale, hope you do well. Love mine and only sell them to go to the 40s.
  6. Oh just found this. Hmm I might try but it looks like a tight one. Hmm the Woodcroft taven is just around the corner from my place. Wish I known about this earlier.
  7. If you do decide to allow shipping, I’m interested in the power amp thanks. Don’t need the pre.
  8. Again like others. What a great day out. great friendships, music and of course the wine. was able to introduce a friend to his first GTG and to a better sound replay that he has ever heard.
  9. I’d also like to add a plus one if that’s OK. Someone new, interested in audio. And possibly his wife to be confirmed. Thanks.
  10. You do have some buried treasures my friend. Just don’t tell the wife ? But just don’t neglect the main system.
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