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  1. This is one of my Guzzis. The latest addition to the family. It's an 88 Le Mans 1000. 34.000 kms. I got it in pieces and have been painstakingly cleaning it up and reassembling it. All original except for the seat which has been recovered and paint on the engine which as you can see was a bit tired. Many trips to Mario at Thunderbikes for bits and pieces. New bearing throughout, rear disk and an Ohlins Damper. I'll have it on the road in a couple of weeks. I can't wait as it's my first Le Mans and probably the best of the batch.
  2. Yes it is pretty good but it is noticeably thin when compared to the offering from Angostura.
  3. For a change I'm reviewing some Jamaican style dark Rums; First of all we can discount the local offering. In a moment of madness and jetlag I bought 2 litres of Bundy OP at the duty free. I had to give it away. Nothing I did with it made it drinkable. I'll qualify all of this by saying I sip rums straight and don't disguise the flavours with 'American Champagne' or other fizzy pops. No 1. Ron Zacapa Centenario Systema Solera. Smooth and redolent of caramel and vanilla. I have not tasted a better rum. Costly but worth every cent. 2. Angostura 1919 8 Year Old Rum. Sur
  4. Yes the metallic blue is a factory colour. The upholstery is a bit daggy. Should I keep it a recover would be in order. I already have an X1/9 with a 4EFTE motor and Microtechnology 8 Eco. I want a stock car for comparison. An engine exchange is never as cheap or as simple as it seems. Budget $10,000 and expect to pay half that again.
  5. Hard to tell but it may have been silver once. The head is off and it was just a blown gasket nothing else. The studs had frozen on to the head so getting the head off was a major undertaking. I had to employ someone with a special tool to come and get the damm thing off. Should be going by mid next week.I'll post some pics soon.
  6. No I think it was silver I'll go over to the garage and check later and let you know.
  7. I would look seriously at an engine-motor replacement if the makers ever got their act together. Lift the motor gearbox out and drop in an electric motor coupled to the drive train and put batteries where ever they will fit. I'd convert one of my X1-9s to electric if it were economical to do so.
  8. My latest toy. 1978 X1/9 1300cc 4 Speed No mods and complete. Bought from Queensland recently. There are a few issues with the paint. There have been a couple of attempts to do the paint work after rust removal and the front end has some bubbling under the paint especially on the bonnet. I've removed paint in a couple of spots and it is only surface rust that has bubbled the primer and paint. It still means a strip back to bare metal and respray. So I'll do the whole car as the paint matching has not been done well and I have 4 different shades of metallic blue. I want it to be totally or
  9. The baby, they cost less to run and eventually pay their own way.
  10. The Trumpy will not be easy to source, the V50 might. There was one in Thunderbikes recently for about $5000 in very good nick. Id be after a Honda CB 400 Supersport if I didnt have the GUzzi already. I have lusted after one since I was old enought to ride.
  11. Soon as Im home and I can Ill post something. The bike is just about to be stripped to the bones so it wont be pretty :o
  12. Ive sourced a new 16" 36 spoke rim for $140pp Now all I have to do is measure the spoke length when it arrives and order the correct length. Ill run a 16" 120/80 rear tyre reversed on the front as one or two of the other bikes above have done to get the "look".
  13. Im getting there very slowly. So far Ive obtained a tank. Suzuki GS from the 80s. Good nick and fits like it was made for the Guzzi. Even the rubber mounts will line up perfectly. The adjustable clip on bars are on their way. The seat will be a 3mm aluminium plate with a lip to overlap the frame with a ?fiberglass tail. I want to keep the whole seating arrangement as low as possible. Im short you see. The battery will be a Lithium 12cell. I think I can source one in Oz. The headlight has to move back about 30mm, to 'balance the eye' so Im going to have to lose the nice alloy mounts it is on. T
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