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  1. Another Grado fan here! Love my Statement so much that my VDH become 2nd choice! Bargin here, GLWS!
  2. Sorry, I got most of them already. GLWTS
  3. Sorry Khoi, I mistook that two photos as one photo! I am still using those Katovator cables for my Lamm. They just sounded so right with the amp. Great valve for the price. GLWS!
  4. It seems that you are selling 2 pairs? Is the price for one or both cables? Thanks.
  5. OMG! These speaker's condition are stunning! If you are in Sydney, I might be tempted to take on a 2nd dip! I have owned CS 2, 2.2, 2.4 and 3.6! They create a sound stage like no others and match perfectly with Audio Research amp. GLWTS.😍
  6. Sorry guys I haven't been following up on this threads. I have also found the answer too. It's should be between 30.5-31.5vdc and not higher for V2. I know I have been doing that in the pass. In regards to that 35+vdc measurement, it was an one off incident that the V1 tube was actually the problem. I remember I had to replaced that tube and the fuse and the amp works fine again. On the whole, the Lamm is pretty stable to work with but needs periodically checking on the biasing. I am managing but wish I have more technical knowledge. Thanks very much for all the help and concerns. cheers.
  7. Very interesting item! Would be nice to see the crossover. Is spikes available a the bottom?
  8. I would set it closer to 31.5 to be on the safe side then. At the past, when it gone over to 35-36 then the out put tube starts to make popping sound and failed. That is why I keep the bias down a bit.
  9. Yes it is the out put valves 6c33c.The amp operates single end and at 18W. It use same tube for regulator running at 0.175V only! So in my case. 0.27 is cold and 0.34 is hot?
  10. So in my case should I bias my amp a little higher then 0.27DVC, say to 29-30DVC to be on the safe side? cheers.
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