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  1. Good stuff and thanks for sharing. I did the same mod with my node 2i. Digital out feeding a pair of hypex fusion dsp plate amps (which incidentally uses smps and still sound good). My experience on the subjective improvements (the website shows measured improvements in noise) mirror yours.
  2. Hi Alan, Please check the following thread re my thoughts on the lyra argo/delos carts (which would be my recommendation).
  3. Try running a sweep 1m away from each speaker to see what the response is like (left ch by itself. Then right ch by itself). Good just to confirm no weird anomalies going on.
  4. Bit of sidetrack but if you haven't looked at linear power supply conversion for your node 2i. I would highly recommend considering this modification before investing in a external dac. https://pd-cf.com/produkt/bluesound-node-2-2i-upgrade-low-noise-psu-interface/
  5. im pretty confident there's a fundamental issue with the measurement process somewhere. Having a 40db drop between 125hz to 45hz is not right no matter what room shape/size. What that would sound like is if the bass drivers from both speakers were disconnected or wired out of phase. Im not joking! Im no expert on REW, but more than happy to run through and verify the process in person if it is something you are interested in. I also have a usb umik1 with calibration file that could try.
  6. Hrmm still something still seems odd with measurements. Are you running the stradivaris full range and just augmenting the subs in or using the rythmik plate amps to run a high pass filter on the speakers? Below is freq sweep of strads from stereophile. Should have strong bass response to 30hz!
  7. Hey Jon, I've got an AKSA Saksa85 stereo power amplifier that has decent PRAT (I think). It's on similar SQ as the Bakoon AMP-12R. Welcome to borrow either of them if you interested mate.
  8. Something not right there... the rythmiks should give clean bass down to at least 30hz... If the system is currently sounding good , then I suspect it is something to do with the REW software settings.
  9. Did you end up progressing with the FusionAmps? Just placed an order from Madisound for a pair of FA503 and remote control kit. May take a while to arrive. My main unknown/concern is the SQ/resolution from the DAC stage, and noise floor to the horn tweeters. Certainly looking forward to feeding the bass channel '1000 watts' !
  10. Item: Hypex FusionAmp FA503 plate amps Price Range: any Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for a pair of these. https://www.hypex.nl/product/fusionamp-fa503/160
  11. I think you mean Acoustic Elegance drivers Great drivers. Overall design looks to be impressively designed and engineered. Seems pretty 'Compact' for it's capability. nice!
  12. Further information: For sale are a pair of mint condition Sony TA-N55ES stereo power amplifiers. Each amp can switch from stereo mode to mono for more power. Excellent sonic performance. Specifications Power output: 110 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 300 watts into 8Ω (mono) Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% Damping factor: 100 Input sensitivity: 0.18V Signal to noise ratio: 120dB Dimensions: 467 x 150 x 365mm Weight: 12.2kg Photos:
  13. Item: hypex nc500 or higher powered amp Price Range: any Item Condition: Used Extra Info: This is more a wanted to 'Borrow' request. I am running an active speaker where the bass channel (3x 10" sb acoustics woofers in sealed cabs) is set to play 200hz and under. Have been powering it with a holton 200w class ab amp but not sure if the performance has been optimal (not been completely satisfied with results so far). Was hoping there was a local SNAer who has a high powered hypex based nc500 or larger stereo amp that would be able to help determine if the bass channel needs more po
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