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  1. great pre, have heard it on a few occasions, seller is a genuine bloke to deal with so buy with confidence. glwts
  2. now sold and on its way to new owner. donation will be made for the great service by SNA
  3. @evil c did you notice much difference in sound quality? I am looking at one of these myself.
  4. Further information: in excellent condition, sonically and cosmetically. been in smoke free child free cat free environment, only upgrading as setting up active system with Deqx. Local audition is possible and encouraged, the phono stage is quite good, mc and mm input. original carton and all packing is there so shipping should be fine at agreed cost or your own courier if you prefer, Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertisi
  5. Bargain, great speakers, glwts easy guy to deal with. btw great turntable there, I think I recognise it lol
  6. Further information: not really using these as much these days, too many other speakers atm, so might as well sell them to someone who will make better use of these great loudspeakers. local sales only at this stage, am not able to pack them as they very big and heavy and i do not have the boxes or the muscle to adequately pack them etc. however if you can organise own courier who will pick them up and pack them from my house i am happy to help. local auditions are encouraged and if you give me some notice you can bring bring your own amps if you want to see how the
  7. I have some spatial speakers that you would be welcome to listen to if you like to get an idea of sound? I have modified the xover with better caps and inductors which improved them a fair bit imho cheers Peter
  8. I bought 3 copies of the 2015 reissue so not sure i need any more copies? but this is probably my fav Roger Waters or pink floyd album..
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