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  1. Cheers for that, I thought that being a Hybrid disk it may have been playing the CD layer 👍
  2. Hi Cybrarian, nice player have just been reading a couple of positive reviews. The reviews list it as a CD PLAYER that does not play SACDs can you please clarify. cheers Matthew.
  3. Yep, Purchased through SNA a while back.
  4. David Elias The Window SACD-rare. This is without doubt the best recorded SACD I own, see the link to a review below https://positive-feedback.com/Issue15/eliasdsd.htm Disc will be sent Express Post for $10 pickup welcome
  5. Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism SACD in excellent condition. Disc will be sent express post for $10 pickup welcome
  6. Bon Jovi Bounce SACD new and sealed. Disc will be sent Express Post for $10 pickup welcome.
  7. Groove Armada Vertigo SACD new and sealed still in original shrink wrap. Disc will be sent Express post $10 pickup welcome.
  8. PS Audio Sonoma Master Series One SACD In excellent condition. Comes with SACD, DSD&PCM data DVD. SACD will be sent express post for $10. pickup welcome.
  9. Peter Gabriel’s 4 Security SACD still in original shrink wrap. ‘Disc will be sent Express post $10 Cheers Matthew
  10. No worries Craig, good luck with the search.
  11. Hi there, Not sure if these are of interest, I'm going to put them online next week. Kind regards Matthew
  12. FS: talk Talk - Spirit of Eden SACD in excellent condition I have 50 or so SACD’s that I have been holding onto for a while and have decided to sell. They are all in great condition with a number of them still in their shrink wrap having never been opened. This Talk Talk SACD is very hard to find and when they do appear on EBay sell for a lot more than I’m asking. happy for collection or likewise happy to post at buyers expense.
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