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  1. If you are ever looking to upgrade, i love my high sensitivity Zu Audio speakers. https://www.zuaudio.com/loudspeakers
  2. Hi All, I have a Jasmine LP20SE phono-amp that is not powering up. I have checked all the fuses and they are all fine. Where would you guys suggest getting it looked at in Melbourne. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. Have done a little calling around and it seems the best value for money is likely a Yamaha RX-A2070. Will audition one this afternoon. I'm planning on using Krix in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that have a sensitivity of around 89 dB (Mains) and 86 dB (Centre, Rears and Ceiling), so need a bit of poke. Supposedly the output of the Marantz SR6012 would be limited for this application and the Yamaha RX-A2070 would do a better job.
  4. Time to update the ageing 5.1 home cinema setup as it does not support 4K, dolby atmos or even HDMI. I would like to put together a Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 system, so have begun looking for 9 channel receivers but need a bit of help with it all. I am looking to spend no more than a little over $2k and hope it could have all the main bells and whistles. It will be used approximately 50/50 for movies and gaming. The room is open to the kitchen at its rear and is approximately 6 X 4 m. I have shortlisted so far: Yamaha RX-A3070; Yamaha RX-V3083B (not sure how it dif
  5. I notice that JB HiFi have the logitech G29 + Forza 7 for $399. Seems like pretty good value based on the cost of the game and quality of the steering wheel. Bonus is you can use it with a PC and a HTC Vive for ultimate VR racing.
  6. Yes, i have an earlier version of that WD my cloud home HDD. Works fine with the Node. Haven't had any problems and its also handy to store photos on and access anywhere.
  7. If you are thinking of buying a new HDD, buy one that is network enabled (plugs into your router with an Ethernet cable). The Node will find the files on the network no problem then. These files are also available anywhere with an internet connection as well for a nice bonus.
  8. Am I right in reading, that if i purchase a general entry ticket for the show on Sunday, i cant get in until 11am? It then closes at 5pm (probably earlier as its the last day).
  9. But don't quote me. But i think you could install the free UFC app on your smart device (xbox, tablet, TV) and get the PPV from there.
  10. My biggest regret was selling a: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, 6.6L. Sold it for 10K, easily worth 5 times that now. Also, my 1998 Nissan Skyline R34 gtst. So much fun for the money.
  11. BlueSound Node is the way to go. Hi-Rez, really nice user interface on mobile devices, tablets and PCs and sounds good all for a reasonable price.
  12. Had a very similar problem with by squeezebox. Ended up getting a BlueSound Node and haven't looked back. Better sound (bit to bit streaming of high-res), better interface and easy for the missus to use on her iphone.
  13. BUMP! Make me a reasonable offer and im sure we can work something out. The other half has said it has to go. Cheers.
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