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  1. Last Sat, Calypso came and delivered a pair of stands! Yes, the stands that I have been waiting for my Lens! He kindly offered them to me for FREE! Thanks! I have looked at many stands but nothing is as simple. He even brought coffee and muffins! We spent 4 hours listening; Overture driving Ocellia and Lens; Souga with M1000 driving Trio. Oh, I also asked him to bring along his passive pre amp, only the size of a packet of cigarette. To our surprise, it works well with the Souga, just a bit less layers and air compared to my ref. But for $200 or less, it is a steal! See the last photo, a
  2. Sorry guys, I was too busy on Sunday to post anything... Overture arrived last Friday and had a quick listen to it with Westminster and Quad 57 at home.
  3. Thanks Andy and Dave, glad you like them! Like the mood of the sun and fog add to the trees
  4. This morning the grind was much better. Very intense aroma even when grinding. Overall, acidic when drink black but nice chocolate aftertaste with milk. The last few sips were the most enjoyable especially when it is cold. You should come over to taste it yourself... This is from this morning...
  5. Andy, I think the hotties were in Milan, Italian girls are awesome. You are still young..., unlikely me, once hits 50's it is all downhill! :mad:
  6. For those who have the guts to change the room arrangement like that are in for a big leap forward in sonic improvement. I have seen too many cases where audiophiles were unwilling at first to change the room setting for better sound, when they decided one day to change it for the sake of argument or experiment, how much they wished they had done that much earlier. Victor, I will not be surprised, in the near future, if you venture into low power SET amps with high efficient speakers. :mad: As some said, I am an evil man!!!
  7. Morning Super Mustud, Me, evil man? You sure know me well! Hong Kong is definitely changing fast. Something is different every time I am back there, and I am talking about 2-3 months' time. What I find the change is how many jewelry or watch shops they open on main and busy roads. There are more shops selling expensive watches and jewelry than 7-Elevan, and I am not joking. With the crazy rent that landlords are asking, only such products can yield enough profits to pay for the rent. A high end boutique in Central was forced to move after being there for many years. They were paying US$4
  8. See if this works by adding the "http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/419S2-2YJJL._SS500_.jpg" between
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