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  1. A quick google tells me the '803 is long plate version of the '83 with a bit less gain. So yes totally compatible but will be quieter.
  2. Is there any actual reason to suspect the speakers aren't working? As explained above testing with a multimeter with the crossover still connected tells you little. Plug them into your amp and enjoy.
  3. Dolly Parton is a really good pick. I mentioned Rod Stewart earlier and there are similarities. The way she presented herself through the 80's and onwards obscured just how good a writer she was earlier on. Shame.
  4. The problem is "deeper questions in the complex world of audio" inevitably delve into highly technical areas which require actual knowledge in that area to reach an informed opinion. Otherwise the opinions are just noise, even if they are expressed in reasonable, logical terms. And therein lies the answer to your query about resonance control. My take on subjective observations are that they are all data but you have to work out which are good data and which are not.
  5. Rod Stewart was once, a long time ago, an effing awesome singer. "Never has anyone betrayed their talent so completely."
  6. Wot, your voting for Marie Curie? I acknowledge she was a wiz with the beaker-xylophone but her lyrics were sub-par: “hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium” . And that’s just the first of 25 similar verses. I suppose it’s poetry to some.
  7. It’s a easy job to unwind an inductor from a higher standard value. Nigel at Speakerbug should be able to help.
  8. Yeah it’s funny but I was much more obsessed with music than….other stuff!
  9. Did you stand around in newsagents as a teenager for ages reading all the music magazines? Cos that was the only way to get info about new music. 🙂
  10. I’m sorry but Bob has appealed to the judges and Burt has been disqualified on the grounds that, er…….,he doesn’t actually sing 😄 The aspect of craft is fascinating. I like many find Bobs singing actually adds to the total musical package. I read in a Neil Young biography that Graham Nash (I think, but it may have been David Crosby) was commenting on a NY solo record and was wishing Neil had applied more craft to the recording. Which is totally opposed to NYs “capture the moment” attitude with few takes and overdubs and many think shows his genius.
  11. I still like CD for exactly that reason. Don’t subscribe to any streaming services. I don’t buy a lot of CDs but those I do I’m prepared for “the long haul”. The best music is stuff that takes multiple listens to sink in. And the fact that artists make an absolute pittance from Spotify etc but that’s another issue!
  12. A great thing about these list is discovering artists you don't know but probably should. I'm off to Youtube!
  13. Yeah, that bloke called Bob is not bad but too obvious. The best singer songwriter that isn’t obvious is Townes Van Zandt. Exquisite melodies, gritty poetic lyrics sung by someone who really meant it like few others.
  14. A better option would be to remake the original crossovers. Guaranteed to sound a lot better than an off-the-rack type, active or passive. Is the crossover schematic available?
  15. I totally agree that when set up computer audio has a flexibility and feature set that blows CD away but....I dunno about 1 hour. Every time I consider it I come back to the first step which seems to be "Wire the house with Ethernet"! Then I would want to have some sort of storage for my ripped CDs and the choices in hardware and software leaves me going around in circles. But I will get there eventually.
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