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  1. If I could have just one turntable (I'd sell the others), it would be....... cheers 2sheds
  2. G'day Andy, They make records too? I enjoy their wines 🤪 Cheers 2sheds
  3. Damn nice record player, this ? For those looking to get a great turntable, the Pink Triangle is one of the best from the zenith of vinyl - right up there with Linn, Thorens, Roksan, etc. A bargain at this price. cheers 2sheds
  4. As a follow up to the Titillating Tonearms series, and due to overwhelming demand (Keith_W made a veiled reference in another post), I will now post my follow up - Tanatlising Turntables. Covering the many ways of spinning a 2 cent blob of black vinyl, the turntables or record players, as they were commonly called in Australia will not necessarily be restricted to top end models or current models. Please feel free to add your favourites to the post with the name, whether it is currently available and any notable comments. I will start with my particular favourite. dps 3 (Price around $10
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