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  1. yes i could do that, and miss out on the wii, but i thought if i wasn't going to get it, why not offer it to someone who might be interested, there's no gain or loss for that matter for me, so why not? if no one wanted to take it, ill just let it pass and get the 850a, and i couldnt care less if some took it or not, wont make a difference for me.
  2. hahah yeah i will get him socks instead; for sure! personally i dont think he minds (if its made in Japan or not), i think it just the fact he would rather see me save the money. his that type of person; he was probably more happy with the fact that i got into my uni course than realizing that i got him a tv.
  3. No, of course the wii is part of the 'deal'. if it possible i will also like to change the details to who ever buys it, as it hasn't even left clive peeters yet, i hope that's possible..
  4. nup, if i do then the purchase date will not be the same as the original date, thus missing out on the wii promotion...oh i forgot to mention i bought it from $2500 including 5 extended warranty
  5. as some of you may know i went out and bought a 50pz800a for $2500, however as it was a gift for my dad; in which he would prefer the 850a because its made in japan anyway I have still yet to pick it up, but have paid it in full on the 23/12/08, therefore can still claim the wii promotion. so if it does full through, anyway interested in it, as it is still waiting for collection at the Thomastown Clive Peeters.
  6. yes i must thank "mcwayne1" for the passing a copy of his receipt from Clive Peters! but i think the reason why CP was able to do such a price was mainly because there warranty charge is only $177.61 for extra 4 years. therefore they charged 2322.39 for the 50PZ800A, which is nothing special IMO. just wondering why people think stores like JB couldn't do anything on the price of extended warranty; or is it because they only offer extended warranty from panasonic, rather than a 3rd party company like CP do...
  7. just went and bought a 50PZ800 from clive peeters for $2500 inc 4yr warranty ext, so thats 5 year in total
  8. Want to sell my Jensen sub which ive had for about 2-3 months. Bought from Jb Hifi for $1150 so Im porbably looking to sell for around $800ish. selling as i'm planning to get the Yamaha YST-SW1500. color is Black Ash. Located in Melbs
  9. is there any chance you could copy the receipt as im looking to buy very soon, but Jb hifi was the place i was about to get it from, but they dont have stock until late Jan 09...
  10. ill be interested in the pana bd30....but ur unwilling to sell on its own???
  11. oh yeh also it was the epping store on high st. btw i cant really tell you who it is, as i dont want to cause troubles for him...
  12. the sale guy who i was going to get the tv of, is a friend of mine, that why i could get it cheaper than normal. he thought he could get it down to about $2000, but when i went to ask him at the store he checked and said the cost prices had gone up. at the same time he said the best he might be able to do is 2180. so yesterday i went and was about to buy it, but he came back to me after asking the store manager that he cant sell it bellow 2200. im still thinking about it, but if i decide not to go with it, will anyone be interested in it?
  13. went today to finalize the deal on the TH-50PZ800A, but he said $2200 as he said it was already alot under cost. but for the TH-50PZ850A he could do $2690...but thats just way to much for me, even 2200 was to much for me. he recommend me the samsung ps50a550 which he could do for 2100...what you guys think?
  14. i gave the guy who im getting the tv today to get the actually price; but bad new...only could get the TH-50PZ800A for $2180 as the cost price had gone up alittle since the Australian dollar has droped...but i should be able to get it for alittle bit better, tomorrow will tell!
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