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  1. Further information: For sale is a magnificent pair of Bowers & Wilkins Gloss Black 800 D3 speakers that I had delivered by a local retailer in January 2021. These are actually the 2nd pair I have owned of this particular model after foolishly selling my 1st pair to upgrade to something even more expensive only to find that in my room and for my tastes, preferred the 800D3. When committing to buying the 2nd pair, it was my plan to keep these for a very long time. Unfortunately, a change in personal circumstances means I need to downsize my hi-fi system for a while. Previous to these speakers, I've owned B&W 802 D2's, Magico S5's, Rockport Avior's and Sonus Faber IL Cremonese. Local RRP at the time of purchase was $44K and whilst I understand the new model has been released, the RRP price for the equivalent model (801 D4), has now increased to nearly $53K. A huge saving over the new model which appears to be more an evolutionary change compared to the revolutionary change the D3 was when compared to the D2 model. (In my opinion of course) Speakers have been driven predominately by a Pilium Audio Leonidas amplifier, which recently sold in the classifieds to a lucky buyer. In combination, the two formed a formidable sound that was powerful yet effortless and detailed without ever sounding fatiguing. I also trialled McIntosh mono blocks, Audio Research and new Classe Delta series and each were also very good. In the interests of disclosure, the speakers have been advertised previously under consignment from a local retailer who has kindly offered 5 year warranty on the speakers to the new owner. All packaging is in pristine condition along with accessories, some of which have never been opened (speaker grilles etc) and can be safely shipped on a pallet Australia wide with full insurance. Buyer does pay for shipping but rates are competitive when shipping West to East coast. Speakers are already fully packed and ready for immediate shipping. Photos:
  2. Thanks everyone. Ian, you are right, I forgot to mention that in my ad. Many thanks馃憤 Confirming it comes factory fitted with the upgraded footers.
  3. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Probably the hardest thing to let go out of all the things I鈥檝e owned. That鈥檚 life though and will no doubt make someone very happy.
  4. Further information: For sale is a superb Pilium Audio Leonidas integrated amplifier, the best integrated amplifier I have ever owned and easily rivals separates costing a lot more money. Pilium Audio is an ultra hi-end brand that is really making its mark on the local and overseas market. Manufactured in Greece, Pilium Audio make a range of products from integrated to pre/power and also DAC's. Until recently, this was their "entry" level integrated and is an amazing piece of hi-fi that will satisfy any music lover. A true dual mono integrated, operating with 200w of power, doubling down to 400w into 4 ohms and 800w into 2 ohms, this will drive pretty much any speaker on the market. Just a few of the outstanding specifications: 路 2 x 1,2KVA transformers for power amplifier鈥檚 section 路 2x 100VA for pre-amplifier鈥檚 section 路 200.000uF extra long-life specialised custom made capacitors for power amplifiers 路 38.000uF extra long-life capacitors for pre-amplifiers 路 44 Ultra wide bandwidth powerful transistors 路 Military grade pcbs 路 Separate IEC for each channel 路 Microprocessor digitally controlled DC, Temperature, speaker protection 路 Completely separated audio signal circuitry from the one that does not process audio signal I have been successfully using this with a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 800 D3 (also for sale) and it drives them easily with a powerful dynamic sound, incredible resolution whilst still being very liquid and musical. Hadn't planned on selling this ever (or at least for a long time) and this is coming from someone who has owned numerous brands including CH Precision, Gryphon, Dartzeel, Vitus, McIntosh to name a few. Unfortunately, a change in personal circumstances means I need to downsize my hi-fi system for a while. I've never seen the Pilium Audio gear come up for sale anywhere in the world, a good sign! Local RRP is $63,000 and this was bought brand new from the local distributor. Significant discount on buying new and all accessories and packaging is included. Happy to ship interstate, it has a massive flight, and will ship with the flight case strapped to a pallet to ensure a safe and best practice shipping method. Link to manufacturers website: https://www.piliumaudio.com/leonidas-integrated-amplifier-divine-line/ Review: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pl&u=http://highfidelity.pl/%40main-3803%26lang%3D&prev=search&pto=aue Photos:
  5. LOL I agree, we must have overloaded him with too many suggestions, albeit good ones! Whilst I don鈥檛 own the 802鈥檚, I do own the 800鈥檚 of the same version and it could be a myriad of things including personal perception and choice of music type/recording quality. The speakers whilst not being bright, neutral as Steve M pointed out, won鈥檛 do any favours to poor quality recordings. Choice of amplifier makes a massive difference, as does source and to a lesser degree cabling. They are very revealing and if not set up right, will never deliver on what their potential is. This can be a painstaking process. I recently demoed the new Classe Delta stereo amp and whilst I preferred my current amplifier, you could really hear a synergy, as it was a more laid back sound and definitely had less presence up top that lead to a fatigue free listening experience. My experiences with source has been interesting. Certainly changes the presentation but not to the degree an amplifier does, nor speaker position and room acoustics. The other poster who mentioned balance in the bass is spot on. If there is a null in the mid bass range, and I suffer from that in my room, then it will make the sound brighter 100%. I鈥檝e done crude experiments boosting the mid bass using my Auralic streamer and it made the sound much warmer albeit with some loss of resolution, so prefer the non-processed sound. Subs could be a big help for OP if that鈥檚 an option. Also, B&W鈥檚 are not for everyone and one might simply prefer a warmer sounding speaker like SF, Dynaudio. If the OP is still chasing an improvement, pictures of his setup with some description on his room design and speaker positioning would really help us all in providing some further assistance. Good luck and wish you all the best on your journey馃憤
  6. I鈥檓 keeping an open mind to any solution. I use a Auralic streamer and Esoteric CD player (dac section used with Auralic) that feeds directly into the Pilium integrated amplifier.
  7. Yes not worried about subterranean bass. Just something that will go down into the 30鈥檚 or thereabouts. Sub $2k would be great馃憤
  8. B&W subs too expensive plus no speaker line inputs. I will send some pics through. Plan to still run the mains full range and use the sub to support lower frequencies. Have floor to ceiling bass traps in each corner.
  9. 6m x 4.75m. Ceiling height is 3.3m. Dual subs is definitely an option.
  10. Hiya So after having through room acoustic treatment, countless hours with speaker placement and many different amplifiers, have come to the conclusion that a sub is needed in my system. I have measured the room frequency several times and have some big nulls in the 50 and 80hz areas. I can boost those a bit by pushing my speakers closer to the front wall but then lose soundstage depth and clarity. My current speaker position is a good trade off as it provides adequate warmth and depth plus good imaging. 800鈥檚 certain,y have plenty of bass and like the tonality, it鈥檚 just those damn nulls that are hurting the bass. I鈥檓 not a massive bass head but do like to hear extensions of electronic bass, a more visceral feel of the kick drum etc. The amplifier I have in use is a Pilium Leonidas. Fantastic amp and whilst it is a an integrated, has no problems driving the 800d3. (Monos be damned馃槀) Sure you could put more power/current into the speaker but that鈥檚 not going to fix my problem. One issue I have is the integrated has no preouts so speaker line level input on the subwoofer is the only option. (Don鈥檛 want to use a converter) Been looking at Rel, spoken to dealers and Rel themselves and the subwoofer they say is the right match.....the G1MKII or No25. Whilst that would be lovely, simply too expensive so looking for a more cost effective option. Even the S/810 or the Carbon Special are bloody expensive. Any options other then Rel? I鈥檝e also looked at Rythmik and those GR Research OB look real interesting, and in budget, but diy and shipping cost could be huge. Will consider anything local, new, 2nd hand. Thanks
  11. Hi OP I鈥檝e got a decent amount of experience with 800鈥檚, particularly D3. Whilst I understand people calling them bright, and thinking that the same at one stage, that鈥檚 not what I hear. They are not coloured like some speakers and do have a real presence up top that needs careful matching. Current, not power, is critical in getting the best response from the bass drivers. Nothing wrong with your preamp and would have thought the Michi to be ok, although never heard one personally. As others have said, room acoustics is critical and just as important, speaker position. I find you need to really play with speaker positioning to get the tonality right. Try moving the speakers out into the room and closer together as this will provide some mid bass coupling and increase the midrange warmth. Toe in makes a difference too but nothing like the speaker positioning will. Also, cables do make a difference but not your primary concern at this stage in my view. Maybe if you provided us with you current speaker positioning and room acoustics/layout, we can help provide some more ideas.
  12. Item: Rel Subwoofer Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a Rel subwoofer to use in a 2 channel system. Please PM if you have anything you are thinking of selling.
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