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  1. Even better if i had had a lime wheel
  2. Picked this up yesterday. Having a dusty moth-filled wallet i was hesitant due to sticker price but figured not too bad for a 2-disc set so i strolled over to the sales counter, and to my surprise it rang up as 20% off. Apparently RSD...well colour me #clueless 🤪 Happy day 🥳
  3. (Yesterday evening) Decent drinking at approx $20
  4. @muon* just a thought...build one of those speakers slightly smaller than the other...then when the time comes you can depart "double boxed" 🙂
  5. This had been left by a visitor recently and although i knew it was a relatively cheap one i was still disappointed. As usual i cracked open the top, poured and impatiently drank...mistake! wew nasty...this _really_ needed a good decant and breathe. Persisted with a second glass...then resealed (vacuum) and twas a little better the following night but not on my buy list.
  6. Tony Joe White (RIP) - Collected. Gritty, soulful Southern blues/rock...like Elvis backed by CCR 🤠 I guess best he's known for "Rainy Night in Georgia" but there's so much more...i'm loving this 2 disc set.
  7. Great posts! Orianthi shreds it 🤘😎🤘 as does WVH. Now from "heavy" rock to "heavy" blues..
  8. Some drop dead gorgeous looking vino in the foregoing but 'ere's a numpty lowering the tone (again 😞 ). IMO this one not bad just under $20 but i reckon clearly "bettered" by their 2019 Barossa Shiraz which i feel had distinctly more weight, texture and roundness.
  9. Impressive speakers 👍 But don't dis' that TV. A classic TH-50PX70A if i'm not mistaken 😉
  10. Prince - The Vault - Old Friends for Sale Really enjoying this album and heartily recommend it to @April Snow and other fans. Good dynamics and SQ to boot 👍
  11. A label that i had passed by a few times, but actually pretty good drinking just under a lobster 👍
  12. Noice! I'm spinning a USA produced also 1993 😎
  13. Mossy - Let's All Get Together (2007). Lush laid back bluesy various studio and live (mostly acoustic) versions of various Chisel tracks 😎
  14. Right-tee-o then. Second router purchased yesterday and set up this morning. Using the routers' software interface, one set as the primary and one reset as a mesh node. And this morning's 2.4 Ghz Wifi testing results noted above...and indicated whether my phone had auto-connected itself to the PR (Primary Router) or WLM (wireless meshnode). Excuse my casual terminology. maybe not pedantically correct, but should be unambiguous. Summary a) It did take a couple of goes to "find" and synch the wireless mesh node but it seems perfectly stable thereafter b) With the wirele
  15. I will be buying a second same-brand router with a common software interface that allows it to be designated as a mesh node and form a single SSID with the primary router to provide seamless roaming. I'll report back after i give it a crack over the coming weekend. Cheers, 2B
  16. thanks @BugPowderDust There's so many options. For now i'm taking the following path 1) Upgraded the main router yesterday 2) Buying another this week/weekend to set up as a mesh node (wireless at first, then wired) 3) Thinking about running cables to 2 or 3 other locations within the house, but maybe not for a few months Cheers 2B
  17. Ian Moss - Six Strings (2005). Acoustic set of mostly Cold Chisel songs, and a couple of covers. Recorded live. Nice unwind tunes on a cool and rainy Sunday evening and to reconnect with your inner Chisel tragic. My fave on this? Tough call..maybe Bow River 🤘
  18. Mini update, some before and after wifi speed tests . Test done using Ookla speedtest app on my old (6s) phone connected to the 2.4GHz band. Incomer is FTTP and nominal 100/40 subscription OR = original router --> NR = new router Numbers are ping (ms) - download (Mbps) - upload (Mbps) And i've indicated the approx path length and obstacles 1) Study where router is...OR 3-34-46 --> NR 2-74-39 2) Kitchen Bench (5m, 1 brick wall +fridge) OR 3-28-38 --> NR 2-86-45 3) Rumpus room (10m, 2 brick walls) OR 3-30-23 --> NR 2-77-45 4) No
  19. @buzz lightyear uncluttered and and lovely theme you have going there.👍 Got me wondering whether the cartridge is wood bodied too 🙂 Cheers Ticc
  20. Many thanks for the replies @brodricj and @Addicted to music. Actually yesterday while out at the shops i just grabbed a new AC modem (ASUS RT-AC68U) and hooked it up this morning. Setting it to broadcast Wifi at 2.4GHz only seems to be providing enough range and bandwidth. I realised i had previously some users at the far end of the house connected on 5 GHz and that had been p*** poor. But connecting those same users on 2.4 GHz it's pretty good. I'll live with this for a few weeks and then probably get an unmanaged switch to give me extra LAN ports and run cabling
  21. As most often the case for me...randomly purchased cos i liked the name and label aesthetic. Mr (Ben) Riggs "The Bolter" McLaren Vale Shiraz 2018. Decent drinking at the $20 price point
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