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  1. Bewitch make a very nice copy of Puresound’s A30 using KT88, SL7, SN7 and 5U4 valves. Mine sounded beautiful through my Martin Logan Aerius i ESLs.
  2. New today It’s a noisy thing so it’s going to live in the laundry. The extra slow “rotisserie” and surfactant are still on their way. Going to try the no-alcohol recipe first. But I swear I’m only trying out vinyl again…😉
  3. This is why this forum is so good. Thanks Sam. Messaged.
  4. thanks but I’ve already got my modded Mac and I really like Qobuz. Tidal is good though but, I’ve just closed the account I had with them.
  5. Just taking in some lunch-time listening after moving the router and connecting it back up with some nice Ethernet cables I picked up recently. It’s sounding marvelous indeed. It’s so deep and enveloping and a step up from the Wi-Fi I’d been using up until y’day. our place has FTTP and I’m using a very nice glass fibre optical from the Uptoned and LPS’ed 12VDC Mac to my DAC for Qobuz via Audirvāna Studio. I was looking to add a streamer like the Cyrus Stream X Signature but now not so sure it’d be worth the money. Comments on this welcomed.
  6. You could be right. Id go back there ASAP in case someone else realizes the possible gold mine there.
  7. My $1 Salvos find when visiting Boonah Qld over the weekend. the vinyl is absolutely mint and it sounds crisp and full of detail. I thought it would have been played to death but perhaps not 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. My take: I've never gone bare wire and had it not sound better than a plug/spade termination, even after many months, or even years. If I have to use a termination, I prefer Z-plugs as they have significant contact surface area and decent compression. Show me an unmodified spade or banana or Z-plug which stops oxidation. I'll wait... My amps have BFA sockets rather than binding posts so my cables have Z-Plugs on that end. I'm thinking of going bare wire on the speaker end but the thought of cutting the Z-Plugs off that end of the cables (Nordost Frey) troubles me for
  9. I don’t listen to my tuner very often but when I do, I’m so glad I have it still. This afternoon it’s making a very fine job indeed of some Philip Glass and Kiri Te Kanawa on ABC Classic FM. the FM-X is the last analogue tuner Cyrus made before halting production of traditional tuners. @RobbC
  10. I’ve personally copped a lot of white-anting on FBMP for trying to sell just some Nordost Red Dawn speakers cables. Nothing outrageously high-end. I had to complain to admin to clean up and some low hanging fruit ended up with a ban. frustrating. The classifieds here, on the other hand, have been nothing but a positive experience.
  11. These two arrived today. New 180gm sending me right back to my teens. On It’s My Life, there’s a track called Renee on side one. My old Mission 773HC cart and Rega RB300 always produced the most horrendous distortion in the chorus when Mr Hollis sang Renee’s name. I’m pleased to report the Ania Pro traces this track incredibly well without a hint of strain or edginess. I’ll pick up Spirit of Eden soon enough. It’s my favourite TT album but it sells for a premium used.
  12. Dynavector like to espouse the virtues of what they call Phono Enhancer in their phono stage, the P-75 mk4. https://www.dynavector.com.au/index-4-P75.html They suggest their low impedance carts function well in PE mode. I had one of these phono stages and was going to grab one of their low output carts to match. I picked up a Rega Ania Pro instead and this worked very nicely into PE mode with its low impedance.
  13. sadly, I missed out on the X300s for sale here. All my discretionary $ have been blown on speakers, a turntable, MC phono cartridge, other TT mods, three phono stages and new Nordost interconnects and speaker cables over the past couple of months or so. I’d be a dead man if my wife found out how much it all was 😳. Were it not for that, I would have pulled the trigger on those amps in a heartbeat. I withdrew my monos from sale in light of that. If mine sold in time, the gap could have been bridged. Alas, it was not to be. in reality though, my upgraded Mono X are still ext
  14. This is very good on CD so am anticipating the same here. Will give it a spin soon.
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