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  1. . Hi JR Maybe the customer has a different take on things
  2. Thanks Enigma That's what it's all about I've received a number of PMs asking me to name the person, but I think it's best left to the member's conscience
  3. He'll be having a pair in each room so ...yes
  4. I will not name the member of retailier involved At first I was just cavassing opinions as to what others thought, since then it occured to me that the customer involved has not taken the perfect opportunity to explain their actions As far as the retailer; He feels a bit of a twit for breaking his own lending rules (swipe the CC) other than that he has got over it, that being why tea and bikkkies are still on offer I thank you all for your views and have passed them on to the retailer Cheers
  5. I'm disappointed to see that the customer involved who is a senior SNA member hasn't taken the opportunity to put his side of the story forward Surely there must be two sides to every story?
  6. Hi Gentlemen My brother is adding a storey to his house and wants to install a total of eight speaker including two on the deck He requires separate volume controls for at least every pair Any suggestion as power amp and control box? p.s. There will be only 2 sources: radio and CD Cheers Nude
  7. Imagine this: You are a Hi FI retailer One of your regular customers has recently made some quite large purchases - some from your business and some from another For whatever reason, the system just does not come together. As a responsible retailer you send your boys down with some alternate kit and leave it there for a while. The retailer decides to buy the second iteration of gear and a deal is done Some later, the customer who by now has become regular visitor for coffee and bics lets go that hew is still not happy and would like to try yet more kit The next piece didn't do the trick s
  8. I have a short attention span so only use a mono microscope
  9. Nude

    Afl 2011

    By the time davis is dead and buried, he wo't have needed to play in any finals
  10. Nude

    Afl 2011

    Can the pies do it again?
  11. Nude

    Afl 2010

    Thank you Pies
  12. Bit silly really if you're gonna run a scam like that, at least make the price 1/2 believable
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