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  1. My goodness they are not cheap. They now have the same chipset as Zidoo but at a much higher cost. Zappiti must be confident I guess , and it will be interesting to see how they perform.
  2. It certainly is still being used . I have been using it with a Roon Server for the interface but sound quality from the N-03T and an attached SSD is so good you really need to be invested in Roon to be bothered with maintaining extra hardware. The standard Esoteric software isn't bad however but it lacks the depth of Roon.
  3. One critical factor for me is motion handling which puts the Sony ahead for my purposes.. The other is Sony's willingness to update and modernise the TV features through firmware updates. It has full access to all the apps ( including Apple TV app_ and can receive videos cast using either Chromecast, Apple Air play or through local network. Panasonic has let down owners down badly in this regard . \
  4. Nothing at all. It's possibly best described as a magnetic ( or contactless) rim drive.
  5. No I haven't, I'm worried I might like it.......
  6. Personally I prefer well designed DD but critics of direct drive point to cogging as being a primary issue. Remove the platter from an SP-10Mk 2, switch it on and you can see real cogging in action and it is only the flywheel effect of the platter that smooths things out. However, remove the platter from a Pioneer Exclusive p3 and the the unit still turns as smoothly as ever. P3 is the smoothest DD motor I have come across. SP10 Mk3 platter is integral to the motor so the same experiment cannot be performed but the massive weight of the platter would surely take care of any potential cogging issues. In theory at least, the relatively high RPM of the Esoteric magnedrive motor should be able to translate to a smooth cog-free platter rotation - which is what proponents of belt drive turntables have claimed previously. Except that with magnedrive there is no belt attached that can cause some of the issues that have been identified with belt drive. Perhaps I should have been more specific about the innovative drive system. VPI Vanquish has a platter magnetically coupled to a direct drive motor , and Clearaudio uses a platter magnetically coupled to a belt driven platter. Esoteric's approach is significantly different to both of them in that it eschews direct and belt drive systems altogether. The others are still tied to them. Time will tell how good it is but the Grandioso turntable does look like it is gunning for top spot.
  7. A key innovation is the magnetic drive. Ostensiby it has been designed to overcome issues with belt, direct and rim drive. Given Esoteric's track record and commitment to producing the best, I think it will prove to be something pretty special.
  8. I did do a search for it on SNA first but nothing showed up. Anyway, I think it will be significant enough to justify the attention.
  9. This turntable from Esoteric looks amazing . The link was sent to me by @brodricj and hopefully there will be more info soon http://www.avcat.jp/main/avnews/2021/11/04/esotericから-ターンデーブル-grandioso-t1-登場!!/
  10. Oldschool for Accuphase is a DAC developed in-house. Their early DACs were pioneering breakthroughs and they only switched to 3rd party chips when they could get the sound and numbers how they wanted them. Accuphase's approach to DSD noise cancellation is the only one which cancels out DSD noise without the use of compromising filters. I suspect that it would be more than a little difficult to achieve the same outcome with an in-house DAC
  11. I wouldn’t take the calibrated lumens as gospel just yet. There is still a lot to learn about these and in my experience you get variations between calibrators. What hasn’t been discussed a lot (but alluded to) is what laser brings to the table beyond light output and longevity. A number of observations in favour of laser in the past have been based around perceived superior resolution, colour etc. when compared to equivalent non-laser models. Hopefully it won’t be too long before side by side comparisons of equivalent JVC laser and non laser models can be done.
  12. Thanks for the response. I have done all that. My issue is from the other end in that Zidoo will not allow me to transfer files from the computer to the Zidoo HDD. The Zidoo does show up on the network connections but no way of transferring files. I can see how the solution you offered would be useful for streaming to the Zidoo - something I haven't looked at doing yet.
  13. I don't use a nas- just want to transfer files from my computer (Mac) I have setup the protocols for network sharing but still cant transfer files - Can see Zidoo but cannot access its HDD.. Apparently I need to use Openwrt on the Zidoo , which I have tried but failed at making it work. There seems to be a solution to all this but my point is that in this day and age there should be a built-in workable solution rather than geek stye work arounds.
  14. I am just wondering when Zidoo will join the 21st century and make it easy to transfer files via a local network. last time I checked it required an involved hit-and-miss procedure that was anything but intuitive.
  15. In my experience, similarities in FR between subs do not always translate into them sounding the same. There are still audible differences which may or may not be important to some. Having said that I would have liked to try a Rythmik FV25HP to see how that would have performed.
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