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  1. These sound fantastic in a desktop setup, which is how I am using them.
  2. There is a V1 in this forum now - I believe it has the USB you require
  3. Hi Marc, You may be mistaking me for the original OP. I have never owned one and was just making a general observation from what I have seen in the Classifieds.
  4. These units seem to be one of the most sold & resold items in the Classifieds here. I wondered why this is so, as they seem to have been reviewed quite well. Many of the units sold had only been owned a short time. Could it be possible that its just that some people are not happy with the software side of these boxes?
  5. 'What does it sound like? If you don't hear anything obviously wrong don't worry about it. ie If you didnt look at the graph would you have felt there was an issue? ?
  6. He's talking about the input signal level. If the level coming in through the input is very low then the volume on the amp would have to be higher than normal to achieve the usual volume level output at the speakers.
  7. https://www.audioholics.com/bookshelf-speaker-reviews/speaker-face-off-iii/face-off-iii-paradigm-studio-40v2#:~:text=Paradigm's current best product line,weighing a hefty 40lbs each! Might be a different V. but looks the same size 21" H x 8" W x 12" D
  8. Paint the wall behind them red and they will disappear ? (Next new partner might love red btw)
  9. Think outside the box Tony; Buy Dacman's house with the speakers already in it and sell your house with your speakers in it. Job Done!
  10. Sorry I am late to the discussion. What phase setting are you running on each sub? Although they tell you to have the phase of both subs set to '0', I have got the best results with one of mine set to '0' and the other set to '180'. Audyssey creates a delay distance itself to match the two subs phase which is why the 'distances' often don't look correct. It is worth trying a few different combos to see if it makes any difference in your case. I suggest you listen to the different phase combos with a test track rather than just go by the graphs too. For what it's worth, my graphs for my 2 x SVS subs are below. I ended up with my crossovers set to 60hz.
  11. Hi All, Hoping someone with a bit of amp repair or fault experience would be able to suggest possibilities for a noise when I turn the amp on. When I turn the amp on it emits an very audible hum accompanied by a less loud static noise for about 2-3 minutes which then fades away over the course of 20 seconds or so. From then on there is no noise. If I leave it on all the time it does make the noise obviously. The volume of the noise is the same even if the volume is turned down to zero. Regards, Bill.
  12. I think that is the reason. I believe I read that the USB and Ethernet share a controller. Having said that I am using RoPieeeXL via ethernet on a Pi 3b and not having any dropouts (yet). Had one laying around so thought I would try it and purchase a Pi 4 if there was a problem. So far so good.
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