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  1. My solution - and I was born in 1949 so my mortality most definitely taps me on the shoulder from time to time - has been to simplify both my system and my music collection as much as possible. I have long since ripped all my music to FLAC and have replaced amp/pre/dac/source and most of my cabling with a pair of active speakers (see sig). I haven't been into vinyl for a long time and I'll be selling off and/or giving away my CDs over the coming months. My FLAC files and a Qobuz subscription (with Spotify on the side) will provide all the music I'll ever need. I'm doing the same thing with my DVDs and my book library. All the DVD's are ripped to .mkv files and archived on HDD. As for books, I'm keeping a few old friends and selling/giving away the rest. Kindle and eBooks will provide my future reading. Netflix/Prime/Stan or whatever will provide my future viewing. When our 83 year old neighbour moved into an old people's home a couple of months ago, we watched her kids and grandkids spend many days clearing the house and sheds of many decades worth of accumulated "stuff" of all descriptions. They could never get the old dear to do it while she still lived in the house and every time they tried to do it for her, she couldn't bring herself to give any of it up. It's true, you can't take ANY OF it with you. Much better and more considerate to leave as little behind as you possibly can.
  2. That's true. I forgot that. It would be interesting to see how the two compare. I suspect that the Dirac might be superior. I must admit that I haven't yet bothered with the room correction as I can't seem to get around to buying myself a secondhand IPhone (I'm Android) so I can do it. No complaints about the sound of the speakers via the hub though.
  3. Yes to the Master Tuning which is done in the speakers. No to the Room Correction which is done in the Hub.
  4. Penrith deserved it, but by crikey that was a gutsy effort by the Bunnies. It all came down to what was probably the only bad pass Cody Walker has thrown all year. That and a very narrowly missed sideline conversion attempt. Excellent game, worthy of a GF.
  5. Maybe not. Given the run of play, Penrith should be ahead by quite a bit more than 2 points at the half. But they're not. Good game this, and I reckon it's gonna get better.
  6. Penrith because they were slightly the better team throughout the year and because they have a HUGE incentive to not lose two GFs in a row? Souths because they have had a MUCH easier run through the playoffs and because Bennett has done his usual number in getting them to peak at the right time? On balance -- Souths. Or maybe Penrith Either way, looking forward to it. I just hope it's not a blowout like the AFL GF was.
  7. Well, the Dragons didn't quite make it to the big dance this year. Oh wait, you don't support St George any more do you? As for Wayne, wasn't he the last coach in living memory who actually got them to a GF they WON??? Now you've got me terminally confused. 😁 BTW, who DO you support these days?? Meanwhile, back at the GF, Souths FTW
  8. Penrith just played their grand final, and very well too!! They came VERY close to shutting the Storm out completely and I cannot remember the last time that happened. Melbourne were WAY off their best, no cohesion and I lost count of how many times the coughed up the ball. In the end, a very good game though. For me, the GF is South's to lose. Unless the Panthers can play that well two weeks in a row. Maybe they can. Looking forward to it anyway.
  9. brumby

    Tennis Talk

    Absobloodylutely! Nowhere more evident than when Medvedev had his first championship point. They wouldn't shut up.
  10. brumby

    Tennis Talk

    Medvedev up 2 sets to love. Unfortunately, if Djoko loses this match - which he very well may, Medvedev is outplaying him - what will be remembered is his racket smashing meltdown when he was broken. He knows full well that he'll never have another chance like this. The pressure must truly be immense.
  11. Lovely shot!! Do you realise it'll be 50 years old next year?? Sad about Charlie of course. But as the old joke goes, when all the cockroaches are gone there'll be nothing left except Keith Richards!! Wotta Man!! I especially like the "Coke" badge. 😂
  12. So, if the Panthers manage to beat either the Eels or the Knights next weekend - which they should - they go on to play the Storm in the prelim final. Difficult assignment. Souths, OTOH, have a week off and then a date with the winner of the Sea Eagles / Roosters semi in the other prelim final. Comparatively easy assignment. Manly were shown up by Melbourne and the Chooks were very lucky to beat the Titans. I reckon I know what the GFs gonna be - Bellamy vs Bennett. "Smart" money would be on Melbourne, but ya never know. Wayne's a crafty old sod.
  13. "A tad slow"?? Perhaps, if you wanted to track it. As for the open road, I don't know about your neck of the woods but the speed limits around here are a very unfunny joke. Besides, with this type of car, it doesn't matter how fast you get from corner to corner. It's what happens as you are negotiating the corners that counts. From what I've read, handling and fun factor on the BRZ (and the Toyota clone) are without peer in this price bracket and a good bit higher too.
  14. A little more power, a little more torque, no torque "valley of death" between 3000-4500 rpm as on the old model, three pedals, NO TURBO!! $40 k ish. What's not to like??
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