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  1. How many speakers do you have in your system, just the 2 the power amp run or do you have surround?
  2. Yeh thanks Krix are definitely on my radar, if I go new megaphonix are on the short list, what did you end up with?
  3. Item: Passive LCR Speakers x3 Price Range: Up to $1000k each Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Putting the feelers out just to get an understanding of what may be out there. Im starting a new room and want three identical front speakers. Can be wall mounted, bookshelf or floorstanding as they will all be behind an acoustically transparent screen in a cavity around 600mm deep. Can be ugly and even a bit battle damaged because you wont see them. Being paired with an Elektra HD2 power amp. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  4. It’s probably gone but @davewantsmoore had an 8 channel Marantz amp for sale a while back.
  5. This audio thing is a double edged sword like most addictions. Music is the best drug there is out there and the joy and healing power it brings is immeasurable. It's the audiophilia that sometimes takes the fun out of it, some things work, some make things worse, sellers remorse, buyers remorse etc. can all have a negative effect on something that is so easy and pure. Connecting to the lyrics or notes in the music can be done for bugger all $, its only when you stop listening to the music and start hearing the sound that things can go off the rails! I've never listened to another persons system and heard the owner tell me that they think thier system sounds perfect! Theres always something not quite right........ and I'm no different....... Why is that? Does it keep us on the journey or protect us from critism?
  6. This might help with a few answers. https://usermanual.wiki/Document/Cinema11v.950793416.pdf Given it’s vintage I was wondering if it decoded audio via HDMI, the good news is it has 1.3a ports and decodes DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD internally. if 4K isn’t a priority in it would probably be very hard to match the audio quality for the $$$
  7. Would be interested to see if you can hear a difference between high res over USB v lossless via airplay.
  8. For me its all about routine, the older I get the more of a creature of habit I am but the wife and I have locked in (since January 2020) that every morning the alarm goes off at 6:30am and we are up and out for a walk around the block for 30 mins with the dog. I'm upping it to an additional 15 mins a night after dinner at the moment because it delays the sitting in front of Netflix with the wife (as much as we enjoy our down time after working on our business from home). Walking definitely clears the head, and the morning walk starts to get your head ready for the day and gets your mind active even if you are dreading the day for some reason. I'm lucky that I don't have to drive to and from work which puts more hours in the day and allows for the exercise time. Now all I need to do is start that 30 min a day workout I've been thinking about for the past 9 months!
  9. What’s the crossover settings for the fronts when going 5.0? are the speakers set to large or small? maybe when you are in 2ch mode it bypasses the speaker settings but engages them for 5.0 meaning they aren’t getting the lower frequencies??
  10. Best looking Dynaudio speakers I’ve seen, beautiful! They probably sound pretty good too!
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