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  1. Trouble with JB is too much old reissue schiit and not enuf new releases.
  2. It's the original 2LP vinyl version. funny you ask as the 2018 vinyl reissue finally put all the original CD tracks onto the vinyl pressing, hence it now being 3LP. an additional 4 tracks. anyway, after spinning tonight, finally ordered the 3LP version. I would just get the 3LP version dude b4 its gone.
  3. Trentemøller ‎– Harbour Boat Trips Vol. 02 Copenhagen
  4. Trentemøller ‎– The Last Resort - one of the best IDM albums. sonics are awesome.
  5. Trentemøller – The Trentemøller Chronicles - wonderful mixed set and from a sonic point of view, hard to beat.
  6. 100% agree. I was looking at getting the Pioneer streamer but wanted a used unit. One did not come up, so bought a new Node. Then one came up. Go figure as I only use Spotify for discovering new music and bbq's. Streaming etc sometimes makes my main analog front end seem simple 😁 I am sure Pioneer will have a se update Anyway, bargin for someone on SNA.
  7. Very nice of the seller to point out the potential software issue with Tidal MQA. This is a highly rated streamer. GLWS
  8. Jack Johnson- on and on - such a luvely laid back album, it almost feels like summer
  9. Yea, I didn't want to rub it in. I left that to you 🤣 John. Surprised they don't give you free shipping by now 😆
  10. Clive, MD must be putting an Evil C surcharge on for you only. 2 copies at $US 60 each + $US 59 fedex shipping is around $A 128 each. 🤗
  11. a double shot of the Pet Shop Boys - Very + Behaviour - both original UK pressings.
  12. You are really going to open a can of worms if your 103 sounds great on a non compliant Rega tonearm. Hopefully your counterweight is really really close to the pivot, otherwise the fun police will bag you for that as well. My view. If it sounds excellent, it works.
  13. Liars – Original Soundtrack To The Film - 1/1 - an amazing soundtrack. I do want to see the movie.
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