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  1. I'm also in Dipswitch! Have a look at https://www.queenslandaudio.club/join-us
  2. I never knew that there was a manual. Would you be able to send me a copy at hatchera@tpg.com.au. My past dealings with Tony Moore have been far from satisfactory. I found that reworking the crossovers makes a huge improvement to the sound. The 6inch bass drivers were out of phase in my pair. Thank you. Andrew
  3. I'll take it please. I've tried to send you 2 PM's but they won't go through. In the "compose new" box, it just shows a rotating circle, just like the Windows "circle of death"! Is your inbox full?
  4. Has anyone else had Amazon ship a LP to them in just a plastic bag (no cardboard record mailer)? I've just had an Anna Von Hausswolff Dead Magic LP turn up from Amazon US that way. Warped beyond belief!
  5. Where will the uni student be living? At home, on campus accommodation, or (shock, horror) sharing with fellow students. From my own uni days experiences (admittedly a long, long time ago)I would suggest a headphone based system. Vinyl is a huge money pit, both for equipment and the records themselves (This is coming from someone with 5 turntables). A sub-woofer will not go down well with fellow flatmates or even worse in halls of residence accommodation. A good pair of cans, a headphone amp/dac and maybe a NUC or use their laptop for streaming and/or U Tube music videos. The headphones will come in handy to listening to online lectures and tutorials. This is what I set my daughter up who is currently studying for her Masters in Nursing.
  6. You should try polishing an Aura turntable! There's a lot of brass in it!
  7. Mainly classic rock. Nothing that is on your Discogs want list.
  8. Hi Drumbabble. I am also a vinyl enthusiast. I just bought my 5th TT today. If your ever out Ipswich way, drop me a line. I've got a box of duplicate/triplicate LPs for sale, all in mint condition. I just never got around to listing them for ale. I now keep a spreadsheet to keep track of my vinyl collection and/or Discogs.
  9. They are great fro suspended turntables and/or houses with timber floors on stumps. I have two. One for my Linn Sondek and the other for my Kuzma. A bonus is that it saves stylus damage from inquisitive 5 year old (my grandson destroyed my Audio Technica cartridge). GLWTS.
  10. A positive attitude makes all the difference Bill. From my experience with my own fight with the bastard C over the last 6 years, those who feel sorry for themselves normally don't make it and the one's who say "F U Cancer" do. It will slow you down, but it won't stop you. Good luck with your treatment. Their treatment methods have come a long way in recent years. A bit of advice, suck up to the nurses. They are the ones that look after you. I used to take a bag of lollies with me during my fortnightly immunotherapy sessions. I was very popular with the nurses. I usually got a bed to lie down in, not those uncomfortable recliner chairs. Also, try and get a chair close to a toilet. It's a PITA to hobble along with the drip stand. I also got a shot of Finurgan (anti nausea) before the infusion which made me drowsy. I think my loud snoring might have had something to do with being put on a bed in a separate room. Cheers, Andrew
  11. Hi Dave. You might want to take a look at the Queensland Audio Club web site https://www.queenslandaudio.club/' Cheers, Andrew
  12. What power supply are you running? I use Kuzma outboard power supply with my Stabi with 12inch VTA tonearm. I also have a Stogi reference tonearm on my Linn Sondek LP12. What cartridge is currently fitted? Regards, Andrew
  13. Welcome to the madhouse.
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