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  1. And had 2 of the best all time eps.. The Ark in Space Pyramids of Mars And I miss the 4 ep cliffhanger format the most Still the best Doctor, and the best sea captain too.. rhubarb rhubarb! Yep, me too.
  2. Old thread, but last night I watched "Johnny Got His Gun", wow! A movie I only just discovered and is probably well known from the music video, which back in the day I I kind of thought was created for the video so I never sought it out, and was unfortunate because that made it feel like it dragged a bit as I already knew and was waiting for the ending, and then when it came it felt a bit rushed and also sadly lacking the heft and emotional punch it would have had if unseen. Is a pity as I just watched the music video and is bacically a short edit of the entire film.
  3. Surprised there is not more discussion? The only Star Wars movie I didn't see in the cinema going back to a New Hope I saw twice in cinema as a 7 yo kid. So watched this the other day along with Terminator Dark Fate, the other movie I hadn't see of the entire franchise in the cinema.. Right from the start of this new trilogy they had completely forgettable characters and names Ray, Po and Finn and throughout was little chemistry or that they were even friends compared to the OT 3. And the reveal she is a Palpatine and dropping old wrinkle face an
  4. Finally got around to seeing this, and this SPOILER review sums it up pretty well for me, and had watched this first, so was prepared for this, great to see Linda and Arnie back, and OK action film and with some horribly obvious CG as already said, but as a Terminator movie..
  5. Been a while since I was here... and hope I wasnt out of line with that crack about audio snobs ?
  6. Yeah definitely, that accent is bloody awful, but he plays the role well. A bit confused there with it just up to ep 4 of season 2 now?
  7. Yeah always fearful following seasons won't live up to expectations but has delivered in spades.
  8. I was sure I started a Porcupine Tree thread yonks ago... Are always a regular spin but even more of late and especially The Incident with Time Flies really resonating with me as I close in on 50. His solo stuff is great too, but would love to hear a new PT album. Perhaps a pity he gave them such an odd obscure name as he really deserves greater success.. mainstream success.. not just among us audio snobs lol
  9. Brilliant show, streaming on Amazon Prime. I would recommend going in cold as I did, however it has been advertised on FTA with the S2 launch. Karl Urban is great in this, but took a me a while to recognise Antony Starr who is brilliant and maybe one of the best depictions of the internal conflicts of his character.
  10. Hahaha exactly where I bailed too.. Apart from Gil Scott-Heron which kind of sounded familiar I didn't recognise a single band until her, and I didn't recognise her name for her music. Am I old?
  11. Given it about a dozen spins now and though it is awesome, every song on this album except for Culling Voices I feel over stays its welcome, you can almost hear the moment a song loses it theme 5:50 in the title track or when it should end like 12:44 in Tempest. Word is the production is technically brilliant, but I think they needed a producer with some balls to rein them in and strip away some of the Tool-by-numbers and would have been a truly epic album. On further listens Invincible and Tempest are now my 2 favourite tracks, though as said before Invincible does get
  12. Quick review after 4 or 5 listens.. Think there is a brilliant album buried under all the Tool-by-numbers/Toolisms. Fear Inocolum - Starts off with a brilliant theme then halfway through is completely gone never to be heard again, replaced with Tool tumbling/rumbling riffs and drums. Pneuma - Starts with a cool guitar, and cool riff at 9:20 for just 10 seconds, but instead more tumbling/rumbling. Invincible - In the car have a subbie and sounds AWESOME but without it does get a bit monotonous. Descending - These 2 back to back with bo
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