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  1. They are made in Australia....Sydney. https://www.deqx.com/products/amplifiers/ Prices as above link. Steven.
  2. I was an early customer for these....I have two A250x3 and two A250x2, feeding my diy 5 ways. Previous amplifiers have been, Aussie Amps, Cyrus, Music Fidelity, and Bel Canto. The DEQX Amps are the best I have had in my system. IMHO, the DEQX Amps are good value for money and should be on a list of amplifiers to consider. All the best. Steven
  3. The screws make very good contact, I have had no problems with them....unlike the cheap ones from EBay or Selby which come loose and are a waste of money. The marketing blurb is what it is, some of it is factual, some of it is fanciful, I suggest you mentally redact anything you think is of the second kind. Steven.
  4. I use these to terminate my 4s11 cable: - https://www.avaustralia.com.au/audioquest-suregrip-100-bfa-banana-plugs-set-of-8/ Excellent in all ways, come in gold plated as shown or silver [which I prefer] as in the link. Steven. P.S Cliff Electronics are a good bunch, get all my stuff from them, very good service.
  5. Just so you know....The Darkside latest iteration is the MK VII. All the best. Steven.
  6. Ahh HSB [Horndean Special Brew] wthout doubt my favorite beer in my youth. Hordean Brewery was taken over years ago. Still available at The Bull in Sonning I believe, just a few steps from George and Alama's little hide away. London Pride would be my choice these days, if only XXXX could brew that! Steven.
  7. It was me I'm afraid...the recommendee. Alan [the bat] has a wonderful AudioNote system and wit and knowledge to confuse us all. I never went to the Fox, it's a Thai or Indian now I believe. Steven.
  8. Yes very pleased with the "new" room....and the new speakers....and the new Amplifiers.... So, very pleased all round. Hope you like it too, see you there, no, here, yes here. Steven.
  9. DEQX are based in Sydney....ask 'em Yes they are DIY, but I out-sourced the veneering and glossing, just did not have enough time myself. No, did not do a build thread, wasn't sure there would be much interest. Steven.
  10. This Saturday, 18th November, Queensland Audio Club is meeting at my place. The club has decided to open the meeting to non-members as there will be a showing of new amplifiers. I am probably the first customer of DEQX new Amplifiers. On show will be 4 Tri-Mono blocks. Or 3 amps to one box, which will be 12 amps, confused yet? Though I'll only be using 10.... High in performance and reasonable in price these will be of interest to anyone who does or would like to do an active system. In addition Alan Langford from DEQX will b
  11. I would not do this Simon, you might not get it back! Nice work. Steven.
  12. Apparently the session musician that played the Alto Saxaphone riff which holds it all together was paid £27. Legend has it that he did not cash the cheque because he thought his playing was flat. Raphael Ravenscroft was his name. At the time [1978] I bought my first calculator, a casio. The circular slide rule was not as efficient at doing fuel calculations in foreign lands. I remember that cost me £27 which was a large chunk of my weekly wage. Good song though. Steven.
  13. I too have heard Alan's system and completely agree with Rod. Steven.
  14. Justin. You might try Graz at Apogee:- http://www.apogeeacoustics.com/company.html He is not far from you on the Sunshine Coast and I can attest he is good at the ESL stuff. He 'repaired' a supertweeter for a friend and actually made it sound twice as good! All the best. Steven.
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