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  1. Got an A9G last year and am very happy with it. Use it for fta, streaming, and disks, no gaming. Watch during the day and evening in a room which has plenty of light during the day without any issues, so it is certainly plenty bright enough. The only issue from my experience is the glossy screen so you need to be aware of any light sources that may cause reflections. In short highly recommended.
  2. Ah excellent news. Nice to be able to order locally.
  3. Oh yes thanks for the reminder on how to backup the config. One of the things I always forget to do, then have to search for instructions & fret if not done before I attempt updates or want to try changes in the setup.
  4. Oh I hope the price is a mis-translation! 2298 euro, that makes my eyes bleed!
  5. Might be worth trying this to see if it works. For Sony TV models in Europe both Android & non Android. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1531725760
  6. The only way I could get my setup to work reliably was turn off CEC. With CEC on I may as well have used voodoo to try to control things. My Marantz has a specific option for TV audio. What works for me is hdmi 2 out of the Sony tv. Turn on the tv & let it start up fully on tv speakers then turn on the amp. Anything else sometimes fails one way or another.
  7. My solution on an older model Sony is to have the amp off when I start the TV then turn on the amp once the TV has started & finished initialising itself. Any other combination gave random results.
  8. I like the acoustic panel from what I have seen in shops just don't like the stand. If the stand were detachable that would be a whole lot more appealing.
  9. Looks nice on the wall at JB but the stand holds the screen 7 or 8 cm off the wall when it is wall mounted. If you were to put it on a full motion wall mount it would potentially be floating out a long way off the wall. The picture was very appealing though.
  10. Polyester for me Fibreglass makes me itch horribly even with gloves, disposable overalls etc. The only issue I find with the Polyester is it grabs drills/screws etc if trying to go through it. PG
  11. I've got my AV8801 driving an MCA50 as I only use 5.1 & am very happy with that combination. Use the auto on/off function on the MCA50 have not bothered with the trigger cable & it all works fine.
  12. Hi, If the item is still available I'm interested. Thanks.
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