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  1. Hi I'm a great fan of Plinius and have their SA250 as well as SA100 but am not parting with them. However I have their 175W 8200P which is not being used so needs to go to an appreciative home. It will not switch to class A like the SA units but that is a feature I never use anyway - the amps get terribly hot in thast mode, chew up a lot of power and I really cannot detect any sonic improvement. Bottom line the 8200P will soon be put up FS but you can have it for $1499 if intertested, John
  2. I'll leave aside all the bank account and upgrade challeges that apply to this hobby/obsession and concentrate on the end product - enjoyment of the music via all the audio toys. As I've posted elsewhere. I feel I have reached the end of the upgrading obsession and am now enjoying superbly reproduced music from files on hard drive via ROON. And it is genuinely surprising how good most recordings are, hi-rez or not, But there is a serious downside to all this - the old brain has become so "spoiled" by high quality reproduction it is unhappy with hearing music on lesser gear. So
  3. This question is questionable from the start – better than what? Leaving that for the moment I see the following factors at play – 1. Music evokes an emotional response so one clear aim is to increase the enjoyment evoked by music reproduction. This can be highlighted by cleverly produced video with AQ fundamental to the enjoyment of many movies.. 2. A significant factor is our awe at the engineering skills responsible for producing an item, something which can be (but not always is) a significant influence on buying choices. 3. There is a
  4. And the other factor at play here is the unreliability of audio memory. That is why I set up listening to the latest toy (The R8 DAC) in the same system as the older unit (The LKS DA-004) where comparison was simple - just a change of the input to the amplifier. So, when I could detect absolutely no difference in AQ, the realisation came that I had in fact, reached the end of the road. But I received criticism about this, nit picking where I was wrong, because there was a conception the R8 should have been better. Mind you, compared to a stock LKS it might have been better, but it was not
  5. Wise observation - yes dollars spent do not equate to audio improvement. It is a sort of reverse exponential journey. where small improvements come at a greater cost. One of the curses (or blessings??) that associate with this madness is that once you have achieved a certain level of aural satisfaction from one set of items, it is hard to tolerate less reproduction on another. That curse came home to roost here a few years ago when, listening to an item in the main headphone system, I moved back to the office here to continue listening as was horrified at how bad the sound was.
  6. Yes, it has been a LONG and expensive trip but the reward has been superb sounding, undistorted music from good sources. And it is genuinely sad to find there is no longer any point in reading reviews and lusting after new toys. You might validly ask what justification I have for this attitude. Well my last purchase of an expensive DAC (an Audio-gd R8) showed that spending more would be chasing moonbeams. It did not reveal any greater detail or add to musical reproduction enjoyment. It was no better at translating good digital into analog than my previous DAC (A modified LKS DA-
  7. Maybe so, but my comment is comparing headphones to one another. I find the soundstage via headphones quite satisfying. No, it is not surround sound but still very acceptable and listenable.
  8. No argument Audio-gd amplifiers improve the sound, including soundstage, but headphones can be impressive in that area, particularly the Sennheiser HD800S. These are more comfortable than the Focals and usually have a better soundstage, but the Audio-gd headamp minimises that difference. in my experience.
  9. My prejudice is that USB is a poorer link than SPDIF/Coaxial so IMHO you are ahead. Yes the R8 is settling in nicely. I still would not wager it is better than the modded LKS but the music is sounding very nice. But I removed the FORZA headphone cable from the R8 system and am using it with the LKS system. I prefer the MIT Vero and now have a spare which I should offer up FS. The madness continues!!
  10. Only purchased recently, it has not been used so is up FS. An ideal small unit to sit on your desktop to listen to music as well as act with its DAC feeding another amp and speakers. A great toy to own!. Specifications: · Portable A5-sized 2 channel PCM D/A converter · Adopts 32-bit processing and equipped with Burr-Brown PCM5102 DAC · Selectable digital filters to switch it between FIR and IIR mode · B-type USB interface to connect USB digital audio input from PC or Mac · Available D/D converter function while connecting dig
  11. SPECIFICATIONS: Crystal DSD DAC CS4398 (BD32) 24/192 kHz Fully balanced analogue output stage (BD32) Outputs: 1 pair XLR and 1 pair RCA (both 4,3V) Inputs: 1x asynchronous USB-B, 1x AES/EBU, 3x Optical, 3x Coax S/PDIF Linear R-Core transformer Signal to Noise 120dB Dimensions WxDxH: 430 x 370 x 95mm (16.9x14.5x3.7 inches) Since purchasing another, I have no further use for this excellent DAC. I have a number of reviews in a WORD document I can sent to anyone interested but will append one of them below by Jason Kennedy. It is a very reliable DAC which does
  12. Yes I tried all formats and with both DACs, found CD quality for most albums as good as hi-rez.
  13. NO further plans re DACs - looks like I have one more than I need. Decisions will need to be made! If I can be bothered I might set up a comparison between the LKS and R8 avoiding G1 ROON input using SPDIF out (I have a splitter) from an OPPO 103, If I do and anything significant emerges, I'll let you know.
  14. Auralic’s Aries G1 Transport – How Important is the Bridge? Maybe more Important than the DAC? I’ll answer that question first up by admitting that for me, the G1 has been far more important than I previously realized in my pursuit of audio quality. You could find the same – it depends on the system of digital input being used for your DAC. In this house it is hard wired, not wireless, with quality Canare cabling being used to carry the balanced digital signal out from the G1 and hard wired input to the G1 being from the home network.. Bear with my while I relate my recent a
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