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  1. Accuphase C_47. 3 inputs, multiple adjustments for mm and mc gain loading etc. super low noise and sounds as good as anything I’ve heard/owned.
  2. With too many tweeters my guess would be McIntosh.
  3. One of the nicest looking speakers ever made IMO. PS love the Altecs!
  4. I've ordered a few items from Selby online. Fast shipping, good communication. Overall excellent.
  5. Love mine, not the most practical as an only car but just fantastic as second car. Feels so solid on the road with insane cornering capability. On tight and twisty roads I’m not sure many cars would keep up. In the wet I don’t know what would. I was keen to buy an Apline A110 but after test driving the GR I couldn’t keep the smile of my face. So much fun to drive. ‘here’s a few pics after being ceramic coated.
  6. Enjoy, they look great and are very capable and focused road/track cars.
  7. Beautiful assortment here. Agony of choice.?
  8. Well no bluetooth speaker is going to compare with a pair of quality home speakers, though JBL Charge4 sound ok for what they are, or JBL Boombox2 if you have a higher budget and require more volume and bass. My kids have 2X Charge4's and when they link them up as stereo with the JBL App they sound pretty good.
  9. Here's my headphone setup. Amps/Dac's Topping A90 Topping D90 Stax SRM D50 Musical Fidelity X-Can MkI Chord Mojo Accuphase E-450 built in headphone amp Headphones Stax L700 MkII Focal Clear Focal Utopia Beyerdynamic T51p Audio Technica AD700 Sennheiser HD600 Audeze LCD X (new model) Audeze LCD 1 Shure SE 535 (IEM)
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