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  1. There's a misconception about this; kind of like the sound of a tree falling in a forest. Drivers don't speed up when the road widens to prevent someone passing. In most cases they're completely oblivious to you being there. Drivers drive at a speed based on their comfort with the proximity of the hazards around them. When the road widens and there's an additional lane of separation to oncoming traffic, they feel safer and more confident to increase their speed. In the same way, I've watched drivers parking in shopping centre car parks at painfully slow speeds between s
  2. It's certainly the most Japanese looking Italian I've ever seen. The nose and headlights have a Honda NSX / Mazda MX-5 sort of vibe to them...
  3. Had one of these delivered to Perth for the kids' rumpus room. It's really heavy and well made. Buy Linear Entertainment Unit - Black | TV Unit from RJ Living Collection Took the back off and removed the internal shelf on one side to accommodate a Denon 4308 and Elektra Theatron, with sources and gaming consoles on the other side. Remotes all work through the slatted front, so keeping the doors closed at all times and concealing everything provides extremely high WAF. (I actually repurposed the internal shelf as a plinth to lift the Denon and Elektra up a li
  4. You've moved a long, long way if you're the old JohnA!! Welcome. 😎
  5. Yeah, it's like the beer segment. So much fragmentation with all the choice. Must be a nightmare for the companies with significant capital invested... One I didn't rate was Green Ant, which I tried a couple of years ago in Darwin, in the wet season. I can't put it down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time!
  6. G'day Al. Try the Tanqueray Malacca too, if you haven't yet. My favourite local over the last year or two is 23rd Street Signature. Also worth a try, rather surprisingly, is Shane Warne's 708.
  7. Yes. We watched a Rd 3 AFL game on the weekend, in HD (via the app on an Apple TV).
  8. Home of Sydney Sound Cables - Professional Custom Audio cables, Instrument and Lighting cables Australia - Microphone cable Microphone Cables - Microphone cable - XLR to XLR - TRS - guitar cable guitar cables
  9. Every now and then I have a memory of a gig from 20 - 35 years ago, google something, and almost always come across this article (or at least have done, since it was published 11 years ago). The day the music died (smh.com.au)
  10. Your audience is far greater than just the guy you've been responding to, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is really enjoying and learning from your posts. A genuine thanks! ?
  11. Probably pay to edit these two posts and remove the personal details before the gear is sold and the thread is locked...
  12. As Dale mentioned, I'm only looking at one. But it's a bit of an impulse buy, so if anyone wants to jump in and grab both, then please do so. I'd rather the OP get the sale he's after. (I'll be paying / picking up next weekend so there's a few days for someone to jump in, if they want...)
  13. G'day Dave, I've got a Harman Kardon AVR 255 boxed up and unused for the last 6 or 7 years. The HDMI out doesn't work as I tripped over the cable running to the TV when I was playing around with equipment positioning. I used a 4x2 matrix switcher which you can also have, if HDMI switching is needed. Both items haven't been used for all this time, so you can have them both for free, just in case they are DOA. Cheers. MM
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