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  1. My 83 is still going strong, as is my Pioneer 50MXE20, oh well by the time they pack it in well prolly have 8k OLED TV's and Blu-ray players
  2. It's pretty crap article full of errors and FUD! They claim OLED has a shorter life span, really early gen units had 3 different coloured OLED's and Blues had a relatively short life compared to the other colours. LG's OLED panels use WOLED Technology – this uses White OLED's with Red, Green or Blue filters placed over the individual sub-pixels ensuring that the Screen has a long and even life. and they claim OLED uses more power, the difference is marginal at best. They also compare OLED to ULED, the latter is just the HiSense marketing name for their LED Backlit LCD's! T
  3. Bloody lucky mate! I'm not getting anything till 2019 at the earliest as I'm in an Optus HFC exclusive area, although we don't have HFC because our in fill estate is all underground power and PSTN so Optus bypassed us. The only upside is we'll prolly get FTTdp so the node will be a tiny 4 port job plugged into a GPON multi-port in the pit outside my house. Getting FTTP from this will be as simple as paying for the fibre lead-in.
  4. I don't, I've got ADSL2. Those who do have FTTP are either bloody lucky to have got their area done before the plans were binned by the libs or they live in a new estate.
  5. Technology choice is an expensive mirage, if you are getting FTTN in your address and you are willing to pay to upgrade to FTTP, you will have to shell out literally thousands (at least $10k). Here's some info: https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/nbn-tech-choice-program-delivers-just-three-fttp-connections-in-a-year/?client=safari The problem is two fold, 1/ the economies of scale you get from a suburb wide FTTP rollout are not there. 2/ it's active optical fibre, not the cheaper GPON fibre technology NBN was rolling out previously and that some makes it much m
  6. It's b.s., They can't do it from the node, they only provision 2 pairs of fibre per node back to the AAS / POI. That's why there are only 3 ppl who've paid for fibre extensions via the "technology choice " program. They literally have to run fibre from your house all the way back to the POI. It's a very bad joke. MtM should be renamed AFB, Anything But Fibre.
  7. Have you tried Vudu? Their bitrates are more than double Netflix.
  8. Half the nation would have FTTP by now if the libs hadn't flat lined the rollout for 2 years while bending over and getting buggered for Telstra's obsolete copper.
  9. Lucky for me I moved back to Melbourne then eh?
  10. I have to wait till 2019 for my #Fraudband I'm stuck on 12/1 ADSL2 till then.
  11. That's fine, more reason to buy the Sony! Most of us AV nuts wouldn't dream of buying an AVR that lacked Dolby True HD audio support, so imo Panasonic is cutting itself out of the enthusiast market by not including it. Btw, Sony is impressing a lot of ppl so far with the A1E. It's seems they've had no issues solving LG's near-black issue. http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnarcher/2017/01/10/hands-on-with-the-sony-a1-oled-tvs-show-stoppers/#129fa11f7c09
  12. Dolby Vision would be preferred as it's technically the better solution.
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