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  1. Nice to enjoy decent wireless @ times, maybe not new but still works and sounds as good as it did new.....
  2. Can't wait to see what you do with it, exciting!
  3. I made some shaving and writing stuff from feral olive scrub that got burnt in the 2019 bush fires and auctioned it off all for charity to the same cause. Some of it is the most figured/beautiful timber I've ever seen, even if it is difficult to work it's worth it 100% as it's so stunning (I may have also suffered a brain injury when a stone flung out at speed lol) Here's a before photo of my stand, as you can see it's not really changed much except for that I turned half or more into shavings lol.,
  4. Sure is hard to get out of the ground and a bastage to kill though and turning root stock woohoo, that was fun lol. Full O sand grit and a couple of stones (one hit me lol) was eaten up inside also but it was worth it, didn't have to pay for the timber at least. Pretty 😍 though, made some shaving brushes, bowls, pens and a knife handle out of what was left 👍 Not that most care lol but what about a bum pic? Even it's underside was gorgeous just after turning before finishing.....I love timber things.
  5. Here's a stand I made the other year out of some figured olive I threw onto my lathe and this fell off. Here's a shot right after I made it in good light outside.
  6. Wait till you actually place the order, it's a no-go for Aussies on this item. Yes they do sell/ship to Australia, it's just certain items (well this is the first item I'm aware of lol) they wont be selling to us. There was some other talk on the forums here I found earlier about this when info was first released..It wouldn't let me buy them is how I found out. As above, no idea why but it's a no sell the HD8XX DownUnder
  7. DROP isn't selling the HD8XX to Australian's so you would have to find a different way to buy/ship if you went down this route. The above suggested Aussie stores are both good, I've bought from both (quite a bit from A2A & good customer service)
  8. Ok that's a whole different level lol, my advice stands correct, take no notice of me lol..I'm going to have nice dreams tonight about those speakers.
  9. Take no notice of me but anyone given thought to something from the Airpulse range if your after something nice in a powered monitor, Phil Jones can't be that bad if they use his gear at Abby Rd. Not the same level as some gear but thought worth throwing out there.
  10. I really like the little iFi Zen units, it's also a fairly warm sound to me. I have the Zen DAC/AMP V2 and the Zen Can AMP as a stack. Cans I have ran on it : Fostex T60RP (modded), HD800s, HD6XX, HD58x, AKG K712 pro, DC Audio Aeon open X, DC Audio Aeon closed X, ATH-AD700, ATH-M40x (modded). Edit: I'm having a listen today on the SMSL SP400 to a few cans but using the Zen DAC V2 to feed it
  11. Well I thought a-ha my 740 isn't going to do the forced updates and I'm golden lol, turns out my network switch died in the bum. Sorted out that problem and off the 740 went straight into forced updates...grrrr, I started to sweat but seemed to do it's update/s and then go back to working and playing the music from the APTV4K. Didn't get stuck or have any weird issues and I was ready with a BUG bomb All's well that ends well (at least for now rofl)
  12. Well I was worried about nothing, 3 hours thrashing and the MRX-740 didn't get over 21 degrees and stayed cool to the touch. Oh and it sounded pretty good also as a side benefit lol, so there's that. Not used ARC as yet and time will will reveal any or delights or woes. Can't be any worse than some of my early Emotiva gear 🤪
  13. There is no other option besides sitting things just about on the floor, anything else will mean a change in custom furnishings which we will be doing at a much later point. I'll most certainly monitor how warm it gets and put a probe on it, the MRX-740 is only going to be driving 4 ceiling atmos speakers. I have already bought the fans and am going to use them right against the side vents forcing fresh cool air directly into the units side vents (the HT gear sits directly under the rooms A/C as well), that side is open to the room and air has no restriction. I was more just wondering if it would be safe powering the fans via the USB/service port on the back of the AVR. No matter, I'll just power them via a wall wart or something. If it does get too warm I'll just have to figure something else out that wont upset the Mrs but I think these would keep the unit cool. Should be cooler than just in open air I would think with the 2 x 120mm fans blowing fresh air directly into the side vent but I can test/monitor it either way. We are planning on building new cabinetry in 6 moths or so that will be more suited and I'll still keep the fans set-up in some way just for the AVR to keep it cooled, will add a thermal monitor/switch so fans always work when it gets warm enough. Think that fan set has a add-on option for a thermal probe/switch etc which will make life easy.
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