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  1. $75?! bargain. made in japan everything still works I still have mine in champagne silver
  2. i still have mine, an have been listen to them next to my usber S520s and hmmm, yes the 110s are better, but not far far far far better if you consider the original rrps. the ushers just punch a weight that will never be matched when you weigh it all up. having said that used market at $850 for these 110s are a bargain considering people never sell these speakers!
  3. Phill....mate....it seems like you are always the ones with GOODIES...so help me if this does not get sold...
  4. Gold. Just wondering what technology is actually being used lol.
  5. Hey Jeff, I risked it and transported mine LX509A panel down with 2 layers of large cushioned rug mats. You will be fine, it will not break, it is heavy as balls and like battleships of the WW2 days. I went from Essendon > Doncaster > Wantirna South no worries. It works perfectly. I did not have some Bentley SUV with super dooper soft suspension.
  6. Hey mate, You can use these table top stands to fit them, but they won't be able to fit the side speakers (not appliable in this case) as it would be too much weight for the stands. https://www.selby.com.au/brands/raxx/37-70-tv-tabletop-stand-tvs33b.html I bought them to fit my LX509A and they fit and do the job perfectly, as a friendly member sold it to be without the stands. Can take a photo for you if you want. I personally have the side speakers, but finding them useless as I would never want to use them anyway - who uses TV speakers these days.
  7. I had a pair of LS66 back in the day when an Asian company purchased the Rogers brand, but they made sure their new 33s, 55s 66s & 88s were all still made in the land of the Queen. Sounds nice and warm when paired with the right amp.
  8. a great deal for the middle level listener. sure it was an 'entry level' offering, but those DM 3/7's sound far better than anything at their RRP price point back in the day. now you get the whole bloody lot for $2,000 I have the 3/7s, centre and sub 250, superb.
  9. rare to find someone with Onkyo everything these days.
  10. Nope, I still went with JLS lol Too many mixed reviews from Class A Audio... Good luck =/
  11. me two. just wish it was silver/champagne gold rather than my black. maybe you and I can find someone to spray/powder coat it for our tombs.
  12. I only kid. You are doing the right thing by selling it for what it's worth. These units are hard to come by as people are holding onto them, and if they do sell them they factor the whole Made in Japan thing into the price, which may or may not be an inflated number.
  13. u bloody are. hahahaha. again, fell of my chair seeing this. ppl who are selling these on marketplace have no idea, so they put a $2,000 price tag. Maybe you can meet the demand half way and list it for $1,000 there lol 4308 -> 4810 -> no replacement 3808 -> 4310 -> 4311
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