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  1. Do any holo may users have experience using Curious evolved usb cables? My earlier model Curious did work but didn't always get recognised. I cannot get the new one to work on my dac. Have used it on another dac no problem.
  2. Rockport Arrakis speakers. Heard them in Hong Kong a few years back. Memory still lingers.
  3. I read about taking the earlier offer last night. This morning I couldn’t find it. Thought I’d lost my mind. Still can’t find it now though😬
  4. Item: Aftermarket amp for Stax headphone Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi, looking for alternative to Stax headphone amp to drive 07 and 09 models. Have a SRM-007t2 and looking for something to drive 07' more effectively. Blue Hawaii would be amazing but not fixed on valve or solid state options. Thanks Rob Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  5. Apologies, I use the kickr, the one with the large flywheel. Unfortunately you need to buy a rear cassette. I suppose it makes sense as you need to match the gear set on your bike. I just used my old cassette off my rear wheel and bought a new one for road use.
  6. I use the smart trainer not the core. No experience with the newer core unfortunately. I don’t do much spin type sessions but plenty available. I’ve used zwift and fulgaz on the i pad. Zwift can be quite addictive when riding against you buddies. Unfortunately more sculduggery than past tour cheating😂😂. I found setting up a real pain and a deterrent to having a session. Ideally have a semi permanent setup with old bike. With the smart trainer you can set the trainer software to simulate loads, so don’t use gears. Not my prefered option but makes riding a clunker instead of your usual road bike possible.
  7. Wahoo kikr, ipad on a stand. Big mother of a fan. Works well for me. I’ve previously used other roller type trainers but rear cassette based ones feel more realistic. Haven’t blind tested though 😜
  8. Hi Marc, Ch precision is truly magnificent. I’ve had quite a number of phono stages in my system over the years. The Ch isn’t only great fidelity but great functionality. Running in current mode means less agonising over capacitance loadings. I still have 2 other phonos which use current mode so maybe slightly biased😬. It’s definitely not a cheap option but a long term sound investment. I’ve probably had mine for about 3 years now and have no urge to try something else. Bang for buck, the audia flyte is great. Happy hunting!
  9. Hi, I've been using DIY server running early snakeoil 0.1.5. on a Jetway MB. I want to update and run latest however it is still registered in the previous owners log in details and I'd like to do a clean installation. I am trying to install the latest iso from usb but having no joy. Unsure if usb incompatibility. The old software was running off SSD, I just have no idea to load the latest iso on a new SSD. Any pointers would be grand. Thanks Rob
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have the opportunity to listen to an Auralic vega steaming DAC later this week. Just have to see if floats my boat. I'll do a few comparisons and post my thoughts.
  11. Thanks, That was my exact thoughts. I suppose I just need to find a Dac/renderer that I like the sound of. Always an excuse for another DAC.......
  12. cheers, I'm with you there. I'm happy with roon running off the nuc in another room. I suppose my listening habits have changed and I'm listening to Tidal more often now. I am just trying to get the most enjoyable sound from the digital side. Must be getting lazy and not spinning vinyl as frequently. Could be I'm just drinking more....
  13. cheers Snoop, using roon core on separate nuc. It was more the dac/renderer question of being integrated or seperate dac and renderer(transport). Diy is one of Tasso/chahn builds. Power from older hd plex 100. The usb (early Sotm) is an add on but is powered from motherboard power. Only the SSD with with operating system is powered separately. Music is attached on nuc.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Not really fussed if it's one or two boxes. One would be good but good sound trumps convenience for me. I was just concerned that the single box solutions didn't perform as well as a two box. Unfortunately only have access to the Oppo which has ethernet capability.. It would be interesting to hear from others with those high end dacs and see if they notice a difference streaming direct or using a separate renderer into their dac?
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