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  1. serious piece of industrial design. Mission launched the Cyrus One and Two around the same time and a CD Player which were also ugly (and it seems the Cyrus brand has kept the ugly theme going since then )
  2. Now that would have been something......now I'm gutted.
  3. Concerts that ruled: The Stooges at Festival Hall 2013 I think. Just awesome...Iggy owned it (and the sound was really good considering the venue ) The Cure at Rod Laver I think a couple of years ago. Played 3 hours and didn't really look like stopping. Beasts of Bourbon at the palace I think when the Low Road was released. Tex menaced the crowd while the band absolutely rocked it Pixies ...Waited years to finally see them...V festival was OK but caught them at a surprise gig at Northcote Social Club...amazing Leftfield with only Neil B
  4. They run some Klipschorn speakers ...not sure of the amplification but don't need much and it fills the room Old Palm Liquor is owned by the same people as Neighborhood Wine Gerald's in Rathdowne St has a nice setup too (and great food too!)
  5. Item: Sony UBP-X800 4k UHD Player Price Range: Around $250 according to previous sales on this site Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Cash pick-up in Melbourne and surrounds please Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  6. thanks everyone this has now been collected and off to a new home!
  7. Item: Sony CDP-CX220 - 200 Disc CD Changer Location: Preston 3072 Price: Free - Pick-up Only!!! Item Condition: 9/10 a few marks and light scratches, display is a bit dim but it all works. Comes with original remote. The other remote is from another "higher end" Sony CD Changer which receives IR info from the player about the artist/track (which you had to manually type into the player in the first place.... ) and from memory goes through batteries like there's no tomorrow. No idea if it works with this particular player Reason for selling: Not used, moving house, and it's archaic!
  8. you can go second in line as another member has asked already. If that falls through I'll let you know. Thanks, David
  9. Item: 90cm Speaker Stands - sand-filled, 3-column steel stands with adjustable floor spikes Location: Preston 3072 Price: Free - Pick-up Only!!! Item Condition: 8/10 a few marks and light scratches Reason for selling: Not used and moving house! Payment Method: Pickup Only - and soon! Extra Info: Pictures:
  10. Item: SONY KVHR36M31 (NOT WORKING) Location: PRESTON 3072 Price: FREE! Item Condition: Not working (but in good cosmetic condition !) Reason for selling: Moving house - no room to store it and no time to work on it (sadly) Payment Method: Pickup only ASAP otherwise it's off to e-waste Extra Info: TV was previously repaired by installing 2 x MCZ3001DB Shindengen ICs (and sockets). This was after it going into standby mode and blinking 10 times. This worked for a couple of months but then went into standby mode blinking twice. It's been in storage since...I just don't have the time
  11. hmmm it's been a while but I think it was Press the following three buttons on the front panel: 7.1 CH Input + Pure Direct + Clear
  12. I thought all 4k TVs upscaled HD (and any other resolution) to 4K as it's the native resolution of the TV. For it to display a lower resolution "natively" wouldn't it have to turn pixels off? Is that what you mean? (Genuine Question ?)
  13. @Stephen0804 thanks for that link - they are much more realistic prices! As for being legit, there's a smartphone app that scans the QR code and tells you if they are "certified" (and I think also who owns the certification) The app is called "HDMI Premium Cable"
  14. I've used Tortech with a US HD-DVD Player with no problems!
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