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  1. Don't have one myself but will be interested in your thoughts when a swatch arrives. I am seriously considering Seymour AV/this material for my new screen. Have only heard good things about it.
  2. As per betty boop's set up I may add a VoG/Top speaker and a Centre height speaker to 4 Atmos heights. This is a hybrid set up for all 3 of the 3D codecs recommended by Trinnov. I will wire for that but start with 3 Atmos and see how I go. Diploes/bipoles etc are not recommended by Dolby these days for surrounds but can still perform well. The speakers I am considering are direct radiating with high dispersion characteristics (eg Elementi Audio Firefly or Alcons Audio CRMSC-SRHV120 and others less esoteric).
  3. I have a very similar room dimension (5.4m long x 4.2m wide) and will be redoing my speaker set up. I have decided on a 7.2.4 set up as a minimum but may still go 7.2.6. However for my bed channels I am going the standard 5.1 arrangement plus front wides. In my set up I will have pair of wide dispersion surrounds to cover the side/rear sound stage. As I have a wider gap between the LCRs and surrounds (than would exist between sides and rears in n a traditional 7.1 set up) then front wides will fill that gap and is more important than extra speakers in the rear sound s
  4. Further information: Screen material is unmarked/in excellent condition and provides a lovely picture when in use. The frame has some marks on it where the velvet coating has been marred. The photos highlight these marks more than what is noticeable by the naked eye. These marks are not are visible when the screen is in use and have no impact on the picture quality. This screen was purchased from the original manufacturer and is not a recent/current version which I understand may be of a lower quality. Screen can be dismantled for shipping but would suggest it is better to pick up l
  5. puunda - I would have thought that a matte paint would make the imperfections even more visible?
  6. Good suggestions ronfishes. I will go for a lighter ceiling colour, either going up the colour chart as you noted or trying a half strength of the wall colour. What finish are you recommending/using?
  7. Sound's like the room will be awesome steffanth. Dulux Domino is a very dark grey and has been used by some to great effect in HTs and I may be inclined to use it on my projector wall (I can't go matt black - no WAF).
  8. New Lotus. https://www.carscoops.com/2021/07/new-lotus-emira-with-amg-a35-and-toyota-v6-engines-is-brands-last-ice-car/ Price will now mean it's pitched clearly against the Cayman and perceived quality has taken a big step up but what is very disappointing is it's base weight of 1405kg - Colin Chapman would not approve. I do like it's compact dimensions however.
  9. Very impressive - what height speakers do you have?
  10. Yep - as noted above only one speaker is in working condition. The other one is not repairable/reusable.
  11. Item: Mission 78DS Dipole surround speaker Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Clean up time - one of pair but the other one is well and truly stuffed. Speaker is in very good condition and works! Maybe someone can use this otherwise it is going in the bin for rubbish collection next Thursday. Pick up only (Croydon North) as I don't want to worry about posting.
  12. I have 2 x JL Audio F113v1s so would need an external DSP. I will explore MSO closer to rebuild/build completion time.:)
  13. I only have a single 2 seat couch. Based on REW simulation it is indicating a nearly identical response across the width of the seat with the 2 rear SWs. A similar smooth response over that small area does also occur with the other options. If I add 5ms delay to the SWs I smooth the response further in the 100Hz to 160Hz range, eliminating the nulls the are appearing in this area. All this is hypothetical of course and real life measurement may be quite different. I can't actually measure anything in the room at the moment as it has been damaged in the recent Melbour
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