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  1. WHAT !!!!! NO Phil no VAF
  2. Saw this on my pana last night - wasn't sure if it was there before; l guess not.
  3. Where is the pho8 and those lovely Castles ? Oh ok l see them.
  4. Me too. A dedicated room just for me and friends - not the current lounge room, although l do like the room
  5. One of my all time favorite Fab 4 songs - i'm singing it silently right now 🎵
  6. Gday Wol, yes Bulldogs were great, but Port were pathetic - im over the hurt of the loss already ; l find now that i'm older it just about stops at the final siren: years ago l would have needed a week off work . C'mon 2022 Go Power !!!!! ✌
  7. Damn, if it had a jico sas stylus on it l would be on this immediately. Good luck with sale.
  8. I'll wake up soon and realize it's just a nightmare - it is , isn't it - please tell me it's not real. Bloody Victorians 😩
  9. Maybe all of us who have interacted in some way with Gordon over the years can put something blue on and hold up a drink and post a selfie while doing that for Gordon and Steven on the 2nd .? What do you think?
  10. My daughter and my grandchildren live in Perth - I'll ask them to wear something blue on the 2nd for Gordon
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