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  1. I've been getting back into Jay and the American again through youtube clips for about the last year - yep! one of the best voices in pop music. Been looking for a best of on vinyl for some time .
  2. Oh yeah, Saw him live many many years ago (mid 70s) - the voice was spine tingling and you knew you were seeing and hearing something very special. Almost tearful memories.
  3. Orbison Billy Thorpe Paul Rodgers (Free) Dusty - Springfield , not Slim Glenn Hughes Graham Bonnet ( its all over now baby blue) Connie Francis Brenda Lee Tom Jones Russell Morris Etta James Linda Ronstadt So many more !!!
  4. What is happening here, there can only be one BEATLES -
  5. Is the vinyl as bass heavy as the CD which l think is a bit over-blown .
  6. I have the matching pre-amp and am really happy with the quality of these Sherbourn products Good luck with the sale
  7. Great album for my tastes. I only have the aussie release LP. Just wondering if you have noticed any sibilance on this? I did a google search after hearing the sibilance on the first play and found mention of this problem on this album from a few sources citing production . phew! At least it wasn't my cart.
  8. I'm now doubting my old fart memory and although i' m almost sure it was SELBY, it might have been another company that supplied the above trials. Do any other AVL forum members remember this?
  9. Years ago on another forum (audio and video lifestyle magazine forum ) SELBY supplied members with a set or two of rca cables and a set of speaker cables to trial and then pass on to the next member, all around the country - no cost, just trust to return them at the end of the country wide trial and maybe some feedback on our findings Now that is a company worth considering for future dealings. - YES ?
  10. I stopped buying regularly a couple of years ago from Mr V because of the prices, but I still poke my head in a couple of times a year. He has been very generous to me in the distant past though. Pension discounts don't apply 😉
  11. Ah yes! This store was featured on channel 7 news this week ,along with MrV music at Semaphore
  12. Where in Adelaide is this place Mr T, please ?
  13. Im not sure we should except when playing the Crows.
  14. Gday and welcome Trevor
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