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  1. Thank you! I am using a special thrust pad made by @Shark which should be able to take the extra 3kg. I guess time will tell. If there is bearing wear then I will either get another thrust pad made up or buy one of the newer machined spindle kits. The Garrard certainly seems to benefit from the extra platter weight.
  2. Thanks mate! Yes, CU-180. Mated quite well with the Allnic stabiliser. Thinking of organising a Sydney GTG once CV19 under control. You in?
  3. New toy in the form of a Micro Seiki turntable mat arrived today. Darker background thereby a perception of more energy in the notes...
  4. I got the sheet cut on a bench saw. The project is on hold due to the lockdown in Sydney as I can't get access to the CNC router due to the lockdown 😌
  5. My project is having an unforeseen hiatus due to the lockdown in Sydney. I am waiting to be able to access a router in the fabrication workshop which is currently shut. The plinth material was delivered and I have the arm pillars machined and ready.
  6. @OLLY now is the time to sell some of your stash 🤣
  7. @aertex It's been a while. Hope you are safe and well over in the West. What arm and phono are you intending to pair with the cartridge? Look for a used Miyabi if you can find one. Also a Fidelity Research FR1mk3f silver coiled version if you can find one. They are a hidden gem. There are many FR1's for sale but you are looking for a Mark3F not Mk1 or M2 or Mk3. However 0.14mV output so the phono will need a good 70dB or a combo of a decent step up/phono but you will be rewarded.
  8. Loved seeing all the furry and fishy family members in this post... This is Boston, not much of an audio buddy but loves our long walks and a cuddle.
  9. Plinth material arrived today. Phenolic impregnated with recycled paper. Closest I could find to the Pertinax used in the Schick plinths. Looks like slate and is super heavy. At this stage guessing that the TT once complete will weigh closer to 50 kgs. Next phase is the bespoke feet I am getting made up.
  10. Hi Andy, I bought the ECP1 to use in a second system because I did not want another big box in the lounge. From memory I had asked for some advice on SNA and some members had recommended the ECP1 and I am glad that they did as I am finding it to be a nice no nonsense piece of kit. It is no longer in production but used ones do prop up for sale from time to time. In this system, (which currently comprises the Garrard 401 with Duc's 12inch wooden arm and the FR64s into the ECP1 into a Jadis Orchestra into high efficiency standmount speakers) I have used it with Duc's DL10
  11. Good advice given here by previous posters. You may also want to consider a used Electrocompaniet ECP1 if ypu can find one. I bought one here on SNA for a second system and am amazed at the price performance ratio. It has 73dB gain for MC and handles my 0.14mV output cartridge with no problem at all. It also has MM. power supply is via a wall wart. For context, I own or haved owned Musical Fidelity, Audion, Pathos Acoustics Audionote, Klyne and Lamm phono equipment in my main system.
  12. I must say I am impressed by the value for money these EC products offer. I recently bought a ECP1 phono preamplifier to pair with a Jadis tube integrated in a second system and it has a very low SNR and is transparent without being analytical l. GLWTS
  13. A couple of drops of silicone seems to have done the trick. Thanks!
  14. If you are not wedded to a whole lot of cartridge load settings you may want to consider the Lamm Reference that SMP has for sale
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