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  1. I’ve become a convert to Japanese whiskey of recent times 👍
  2. absolutely, one more bit of magic from Dean.
  3. Although far from my favorite. great drum percussion from memory.
  4. Thankyou for a fantastic day listening to your superb system not to mention your lovely home. It was a day of many firsts for me today , I can’t say I’ve ever experienced any of those components or speakers before. A most enjoyable afternoon with the other members as well.😊
  5. Wish I still had my Ford Coupe 351❤️
  6. been on a couple of fantastic drives recently. The last one was amazing . Took my youngest son. He said the only thing to hang onto we’re his balls, as he crushed them through the cornering. Other than on the track I had never driven so fast through the twisties . From the Dandenongs, Yarra Valley and up around Eildon. Blew my mind. With some of the crew.
  7. nah mate, a good one goes like weeeee!
  8. Oh btw, apparently there is a HiFi show coming up this year. So if you can get out and get over the east it may be worth your while.
  9. If you could find a used set of these https://www.sgraudio.com/collection/maestro-series ❤️ https://www.sgraudio.com/collection/convex-series But best advice I can see so far is listen to other members systems in your area. As we all have our own biased suggestions . Don’t rush in .
  10. Hi Ittaku, is this a dac you’ve had experience with? Im Interested in your views.
  11. It will either bore you or you’ll just hate it. but if you do get through it watch it till the end of the credits.
  12. @Jakeyb77_Redux we may need to go for a drive in the new year😊 if you can hack a pleb😁
  13. Pardon! ( in my best French accent) I never mixed with the upper echelon🤷‍♂️
  14. perhaps If they had a Duracell bunny on the bonnet like the flying lady?
  15. ❤️some cars have beautiful hips
  16. Out of curiosity, is there a SQ difference between the two digi outputs? im assuming that the L/R out is the other digi out? thanks
  17. Hmmmm, where can I acquire such felt? I want to try something 🤔
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