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  1. Its fungi time again Omphalotus nidiformis These were taken over 3 nights this week at different locations. #1 This is what they look like during the day #2 At night they glow #3 #4 #5
  2. 3 Robins from the weekend #1 Rose Robin #2 Eastern Yellow Robin #3 Scarlet Robin
  3. They are not always easy to spot. This one looked like lump on the trunk from the track. It was only when I got a bit closer I could see what it was.
  4. A few recent shots #1 Sacred Kingfisher #2 Eastern Yellow Robin #3 Tawney Frogmouth #4 Laughing Kookaburra #5 Red-capped Plover #6 Silvereye #7 Superb Fairy-wren #8 Spotted Pardalote
  5. Yes, its a shame their habitat was destroyed by the bush fires. Apparently these she-oaks aren't their usual species.
  6. Out chasing native orchids....a wander along the Parks tracks Then its a matter of venturing off the tracks and through the bracken looking for orchids When I find some orchids, like these Nodding Greenhoods Out comes the macro so I can photograph one of them Veined Helmet Orchids amongst the bracken Using the macro again to photograph one of them Slaty Helmet Orchid with a 5c coin for size reference Using the macro to get a close-up
  7. I don't do a lot of biding these days. I would like to do more, but the native orchids take up most of my time, plus with the Covid-19 restrictions here in Victoria it makes it hard to go too far afield. A few recent ones... #1 Eastern Yellow Robin #2 Laughing Kookaburra #3 Grey Shrike-thrush #4 Blue-billed Duck #5 Red-browed Finch #6 Eastern Spinebill #7 Eastern Spinebill #8 Spotted Pardalote (F
  8. Yes, that is correct. Well done Al! For your info that one is a male, the female has yellow spots
  9. A thread for sharing your bird photography I'll start with a Spotted Pardalote, cross posted from 'post some pics thread' #1 #2 #3
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